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Sunroom with arched windows, a stone floor, wicker dining chairs, a lantern like chandelier and sconces

I love the idea of sunroom…a room off of a house that allows for lots of light and views of the outdoors.

Here’s a little definition of a sunroom from Wikipedia: “A sunroom, sun parlor, sun porch, or sun lounge is a structure, usually constructed onto the side of a house, to allow enjoyment of the surrounding landscape while being sheltered from adverse weather conditions such as rain and wind.”

These two sunrooms fit the definition and they also have a few things in common…first and foremost, they are both being used as a dining room.

I like the fact that both are wood paneled from floor to ceiling, both feature lots of large windows that let in a googobs of light and for some reason the oval dining table is a la mode in both these spaces..  But that is where the similarities end.

I love the arched windows, the stone floor, the wicker dining chairs and the lantern like chandelier and sconces giving an overall rustic country vibe in the first room above.

In the dining room below, simplicity is the style of the day with an oval Gustavian white table, dark wood dining chairs, and a crystal ball chandelier.  Bright white walls and lots of windows and light here too.  If you notice, this room is functioning as a solarium of sorts too in this house – look at the window sills, it seems this is the room where they leave all of their potted flowers and bulbs to bloom during the year.

So two sunroom dining rooms in today’s THIS OR THAT…please consider…which one do you like better?

Bright white sunroom with an oval Gustavian white table, dark wood dining chairs, and a crystal ball chandelier

So which of these two dining rooms do you prefer? Do you like your dining room dark, cozy with mood lighting and all, or do you like the idea of a dining room with lots of windows and potentially lots of light during the day? Please do tell! Would love to hear which of these rooms you like better!

Happy Friday!



P.S.  Running off to work…trying to determine if I have anything sparkling to wear to the office today.  Need a little sparkle and shine to brighten up the day.

P.P.S.  Also must determine whether today is my day to take a break from the 4.5″ platform ADORABLE suede booties I have  been wearing almost every day to work.  When I like a pair of shoes…I like a pair of shoes and nothing else in my closet seems interesting.  Ran into the President of our division at work the other day and I was wearing said super tall shoes that make me almost 5’10”; he saw me teetering in my heels and said “Wow, those are some shoes…well if it makes you feel like your “high up” in the company, then good for you.”   Hmmm….

P.P.P.S.  Craving bread – just had a memory of the smell of raisin bread.  I don’t ever eat raisin bread but I just had a huge 1 minute craving for it.  So, in case I didn’t tell you…best of friend AM and I gave up bread, sugar, pasta and…wait for it…I added in dried mangos for me!  We are doing this for 6 or 7 weeks or something for Lent. AM lives in NYC with her kids and her hubby and she makes pancakes for the kids on at least one weekend day…I wonder if she slips and eats the pancakes is that cheating…technically it is not bread, sugar or pasta…or is it? This is what our conversations typically consist of during this period…how we skirted the edge of almost cheating but don’t.  And, I know…dried mangos is very specific but I love dried mangos so I figured this was a bit of a sacrifice to give up.  Meanwhile it has only been a week and half and now I’m randomly smelling non existent raisin bread?  When is Easter again?

P.P.P.P.S.  Need to be more up to speed on current events so I am not pondering whether to wear sparkles or high heels and whether best of friend AM should eat pancakes or not.  I should be pondering more important issues in general and here on the blog.  Feel my mind turning into mush.  Help….help…help………….

Photos: Tammy Connor Interior Design; Hus & Hem

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  1. I love the character and architectural details of the first room!!! I wish my sunroom looked like that!
    Have a great day!

  2. I love the first room so much (although I could do without the wicker chairs 😉
    I only wish I had a sunroom like this especially since where I’m from it’s a pretty gloomy time of year and would like to enjoy the view of the snow from inside.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the first one. The arched windows are to die for !! I wish I had them in my home. The second is lacking the warmth I like.

  4. I prefer the first one. I love the windows! I’m such a huge fan of metal windows. But I don’t like the rest of the decorating that much, sorry. Could be an attempt at minimalist, but meems skimpy.

  5. Those are some stunning photographs! The first one is so dreamy, and i can almost feel the warmth of the sunshine through the windows.. I love reading your posts 🙂

  6. A darker room is more cozy and warm and i prefer having dinners in that kind of rooms but i know i would choose the lighter, more scandinavian design for my self. I get easily tired of much color and dark rooms and in the end I always choose the white and light ,though i love colors.

  7. That first room is so pretty, its casual enough to enjoy every day but really elegant. I also love raisin bread, a definite regular indulgence:)

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