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New York duplex penthouse with wood floors, white sofas and an amazing view of the city
Living room #1

Two living rooms…two very different views.

Above, a modern New York duplex penthouse loft in the middle of Chelsea; a very modern apartment in the city with Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chairs and benches in white and a signature glass Noguchi coffee table.  Designed by Marie Burgos.

Or, a cozy West Vancouver apartment designed by Rebecca LaPres of Riesco & LaPres with a hillside view of green trees.

Which one do you prefer?

Vancouver apartment with white sofas with a hillside view of green evergreen trees
Living room #2

I like both!

Please vote and tell me which you prefer and why!!



  1. Number 2 for sure! I prefer the styling of the living room and the view of trees. And I love the fact that it’s in my favourite city in the world!

  2. They are both fabulous but if I had to choose I would choose the modern New York duplex penthouse loft. I just love how bright and open it is and the clean, minimalist design!

  3. The first apartment with the city view is stunning. The second one
    Has a beautiful view of trees but the furniture arrangement looks like someone just moved in.

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