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Striped walls in shades of blue and yellow coordinate with simple blue upholstered headbaords with a yellow floral crown and drape that match  the pleated bedskirts in a twin bedroom
Striped walls in shades of blue and yellow coordinate with simple blue upholstered headboards with a yellow floral crown and drape that match  the pleated bedskirts in a cute twin room. (above)

So…way back in August, I had dinner with good friend JO who was visiting from San Francisco with her family (husband TO and two cute daughters). JO and family get a house in Venice Beach every summer for about a month and leave the foggy San Francisco August behind. So it is my thrill that it gets foggy in SF in August because every year I see JO here in Los Angeles! JO and I love talking about design.  She has a stunning place in San Francisco. So when we were out to dinner at Osteria Mozza she was telling me she just had some custom headboards made for the girls’ rooms. She said she had gone on COCOCOZY a few times to find ideas…and that prompted me to think…what a good post idea.

Now some two months later…I am finally actually executing said “good post idea”. Hmmm…so much for planning and executing…right? Note to self: get a posting schedule together instead of just posting on the fly as you have for the past 3 years (some bloggers are so organized and plan out posts weeks in advance…I plan out posts when I post…makes for a harrowing situation almost every day…knots in my stomach, racking my brain for post ideas and inspiration, the same scene happens every day…uh oh…my OSS has kicked in…(over sharing syndrome)…you don’t want to know how the posts get here kind of like you don’t want to know how sausage is made…you just want to enjoy and be entertained as you should be…I know…okay…okay…I’ll stop blabbing…but maybe if I talk about it…I’ll stop doing it…maybe if I expose my inability to plan posts, I will start planning posts…maybe? Oy va voy. I’ll stop…LOL!)

Anyhoooooo…here are some wonderful twin rooms and twin room bed ideas. I like twin rooms because they are good kids rooms (boys or girls) or can make for lovely guest rooms. Here we go…

Clean and modern twin bedroom with white walls and floor, the turquoise upholstered beds have a wing back headboard, the orange accent pillows and a green and white down comforter folded across the bottom of the beds add a pop of color.
Clean and crisp…these upholstered beds with wing back headboards make for a smart modern design in a room from Bear Hill Interiors. (above)!

old fashioned iron twin beds with plaid bedding in a preppy beachy guest room with wood floor, a striped rug and a white wicker chair and a large pentagon shaped window overlooking an ocean or lake
Good old fashioned twin iron beds with plaid bedding in a preppy beachy looking guest room. (above)

 Green toile walls and floor match a the green toile upholstered french twin beds in a statement classic bedroom
Toile everywhere!  Green toile walls match a the green toile upholstered french twin beds in a statement classic bedroom. (above)

Twin bedroom with mint green walls, a wood floor, white upholstered Queen Anne style headboards, a large wardobe with a yellow flower painted on it and a vintage high back wooden chair in front of a reclaimed wood desk with a glass top
Keeping it simple with white upholstered Queen Anne style headboards. (above)

Nautical twin bedroom with white notched wood twin beds, white paneled walls, a wood night stand with a large model ship in the corner
White notched wood twin beds make for a crisp clean nautical bedroom. (above)

Twin bedroom with pink toile wallpaper, super tall, green and white poka doted upholstered headboards, large window with patterned pull up curtains
Super tall upholstered headboards help balance the scale of the twin beds in this bedroom. (above)

Twin bedroom with simple brown headboards with off white time, a brown and white graphic print rug, a dark wood chest of drawers, black wall mounted lights and roman shades on the window
Simple brown headboards with bold off white trim compliment the graphic patterns on the rug in this twin room – also love the crisp white bedding!  (above)

Which of these twin rooms do you like best?  Any other ideas that you’ve seen or used in a twin room that you want to share?  Please comment below!

Happy Tuesday!


Photos: Ali Schwarz; Bear Hill Interiors; Simon Brown; Tucker & Marks; Keith Scott Morton; Peter Murdock; Jay Jeffers; Bonsteel & Trout

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  1. I can’t even pick a favorite, I love them all. I am so into the look of matching twin beds that I am already planning a set in one of the spare bedrooms I will have when the kids go to college. They are 3 and 5 now, so It’ll be a while – thanks for posting this loveliness to tide me over šŸ™‚


  2. I love the idea of a headboard on the back of twin beds. They are simple and elegant. These are amazing and are great in any twin bedroom to make the bed more of a focal point. They are great!

  3. The first one is my favorite! I love the color combination. It’s so cheery! And you’re definitely not the only one who racks their brain for post ideas! I definitely do not plan weeks in advance!

  4. I like the nautical themed room best, but we are partial to nautical themes on our farm. We are close to Lake Ontario, and live on a river so boats, water, sailing, etc. is often on our minds, especially this time of year.

    Don’t sweat your creative process — others who blog in a very methodical, organized way, well that’s what works for them. For me, when I try to blog that way the life seems to fizzle right out. When I post according to my inspiration on a moment’s notice (sounds like your way too) that is when my magic comes out. Yes, there are the stomach aches and the anxiety and stress of the moment, but that is my creative process and I have learned not to fight it, but to embrace it.

    I love your blog and your posts.

    ~ J. L. Fleckenstein

  5. I really like the cohesiveness, color, scale, balance, and playfulness of the first room. I used those same pillows in a State Farm project. Only mine were white with grey embroidered fretwork. I love the blue and orange colors used in the Bear Hills room. I like the simplicity and the swing arm vintage inspired fixtures in the last photo. Fun post!

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