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Painted metal dresser, metal urn lamps, antique mirror vignette from Pom Pom Interiors
Painted metal dresser, metal urn lamps, antique mirror vignette from Pom Pom Interiors in Los Angeles (above)

I was in one of my favorite stores this weekend… Pom Pom Interiors…here in Los Angeles on La Brea Avenue. The store is in an unlikely location and hidden behind a white metal gate…could easily be overlooked because it is not near anything that resembles it being tucked away between a grocery store and one of those side of the road places that have animal skin rugs hanging on a fence.

Pom Pom Interiors is a furniture and interior design oasis in this locale. Once you get past the metal gates the store is filled with treasures. Set up kind of like a house…with multiple roomscapes filled with chairs, sofas, settees, french antique beds, rustic dining room tables, fauteils, bergeres, coffee tables, chandeliers and lots and lots of accessories. The store goes on forever.

Well in the very last room out in the back…I found this vignette…great for an entryway, a blank wall in any room (even a dining room) or fantastic for a bedroom. The unique thing about this vignette is the prominent role metal plays on all the surfaces.

Metal urn lamps with chocolate lamp shades from Pom Pom Interiors

The first thing that caught my eye were the polished metal urn lamps with chocolate lamp shades. Thought the combination provided that nice juxtaposition of shapes I love – both classic and modern. Loved the shine of the polished metal urn bases and the richness of the brown fabric drum lamp shades – shades that let the light through in a very elegant way.

Polished metal urn lamp from Pom Pom Interiors
Pom Pom Interiors – Polished metal urn lamps – $475 each including shade (above)

I considered buying the lamps…but wondered where I would put them in my oh so small house…note to self…need bigger house so I can have a place to put things I love.

After making two laps through the store and ending up in front of my vignette again, I noticed the lamps were sitting on something very interesting – a shiny three drawer dresser with hand painted details.

I also noticed at this point that the shopkeeper had started following me around because I don’t think she could understand why I was so transfixed by this vignette – and why I kept coming to the front of the store only to walk all the way outside to the back room again. I decided not to be annoyed she was following me and to use her for more information on this vignette…needed to figure out what the dresser was made out of.

Close up of a painted metal dresser from Pom Pom Interiors

Well it turns out the three-drawer dresser is made of wood but covered with sheets of hand painted metal and then covered with some sort of high gloss finish. It seemed to me that this could be a perfect bedroom dresser or an even more perfect entryway three-drawer cabinet. I love the sheen and luster of the metal and the scrolled hand painted pattern covering this piece.

Hand painted metal dresser with/lacquer finish from Pom Pom Interiors
Pom Pom Interiors- Hand painted metal dresser with/lacquer finish (wood and metal) – $1395 (above)

White wood carved mirror from Pom Pom Interiors
Pom Pom Interiors – White wood carved mirror – $1295

Finally the whole vignette was topped off with a white carved wood mirror where the mirror seemed to be worn and antiqued. New and old, modern and classic.!

Tip: Try adding luster to a room with some polish metal lamps or polished metal vases. The shiny surface will reflect light making the room brighter and cheerier.

By the way…Pom Pom Interiors has two locations in Los Angeles. I was at the La Brea location for this vignette:

Pom Pom Interiors
1401 N. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

All photos in thsi post by Coco of Cococozy

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