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modern grey and white bedroom with upholstered headboard, large windows with floor length curtains and a long ottoman

Clean, crisp, and neat.  I like this lovely modern bedroom in grey and white.  Nothing visually distracting or disturbing. Perfect place for a clear mind when going to sleep or waking. Easy to relax and just enjoy the city views.  I like the modern chaise at the end of the bed with the three mattresses on top of it.  I’d lounge there happily.

I have a little Christmas shopping to do today…other than that am taking it a little easy today.  What are your plans…we are one week before Christmas eve…how will you spend this Saturday?

What do you think of this room?  Too sparse or just right?

Happy Saturday!


P.S. Felt like a criminal yesterday at the Whole Foods market in Beverly Hills.  I popped into the 12 items and under line with my tiny basket of groceries and the check out guy called me out in front of everyone in line. While he was ringing me up he said loudly, “Next time, this line is ONLY for 12 items or less”.  So as he was loading up the bag I started counting then I confidently said, “I only counted 13 or 14…that’s not that much” and then I made a “like whatever” noise from the back of my throat.  He then ripped the receipt out of the cash register and said “This says 17”.  I felt like all of the people in line were staring at me disapprovingly and I scurried out of the grocery store as quickly as I could.  As I was running to my car I was mumbling to myself out loud, “12, 13, 17? I counted 13.”.  How many times have I had less than 12 items?  Shouldn’t that count for something?  Shouldn’t it be an average of 12 items over several visits to the grocery store?  I didn’t realize how far over I was.  Oy.  So much for holiday cheer. LOL!

Photo: Selldorf Architects

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  1. don’t feel guilty…that employee was taking out his own personal agenda on you…not in the spirt of Christmas for sure!

  2. No sympathy from me on this one. We’re ALL busy. That does not make me any more entitled than you. Or you more entitled than the people that can count.

  3. I know how you felt! Because of an empty check-out line, the 20 or less clerk told me to come ahead and she would check me out. No sooner had I put my things on the belt than a woman queued up behind me and started berating me for being there. I waited for the clerk to explain, but no such luck…on my own, in all my shameful humiliation, ready for the handcuffs. Funny now but at the time, so embarrassing! Have a Merry Christmas.

  4. I love love love the clean fresh white bedroom! To me it says, clear mind, easy to breathe and shut out the noise. Oh my what a funny thing about the 12 item thing….I’ve done that many times as well. That should be forgiven for all the time we let people go ahead of us because they have fewer items….I’m just saying.

  5. I think the room is a little in need of some color pops…a little stark for me.

    I have mixed feelings about the Express line….I always try to count and if I am one over the limit don’t sweat it….but I become REALLY annoyed at those who are CLEARLY WAY OVER and still expect to get checked out!
    Holidays or not, cramming into the Express line when one is “out of line” is nervy and rude.

    Jean Denver

  6. Love, love, love the bedroom! Absolutely perfect, in my opinion.

    @ Elizabeth B, sending you some Christmas cheer. Sounds like you could use some.

    Rachel B

  7. The scale and furnishing of this room are stunning. Very restful! I always thought that the number for express checkout was a guide (Am in Australia). A few over is OK as is a few under. I presume that boy just needed a hug and was frazzled like many with Christmas shopping!(I wonder if he’d berate someone for being under the count? Mmmmm, I think not)
    x KL

  8. sorry – but i’m on the clerks side on this one. you”re probably just shocked you got called out for a change.

  9. It seems my tale of the check out line has gotten some of you really mad at me (specifically the Anonymous commenters or the one Anonymous person who keeps commenting). 🙂

    Just to clarify for the mysteriously nameless mad…when I got into line I had no idea I was over and had no intention of pulling a “fast one” on anyone. I typically use the regular line when I have a lot of groceries and the express line when I have a few. This time even I was surprised by the number of items in my basket. I mention the incident only because it was slightly amusing…I wasn’t mad…just thought it was so funny that I tried to challenge the clerk by counting all of the items as he was loading them into the bag and it turns out I was far over. It would have been nice though if the clerk who I see on a regular basis would have taken into account all of those times that I have three items and the people in front of me and behind me have a million items….but it is neither here nor there…

    There are people with real problems and issues…this is just an amusing funny story that happened to me on Friday. I’m not taking a political stance about the express check out line nor am I trying to start a movement encouraging people to be sneaky…this is just one incident that I thought was kind of funny and embarrassing at the same time…that I thought some of you might relate to and get a chuckle.

    Sorry if this little relatively insignificant story got your goat. Thank you to others of you who understand the point. 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

    P.S. I can’t stop giggling right now…I find it very funny that this check out story is creating controversy…who knew this was such a hot button issue? I certainly didn’t. LOL!

  10. Oh, you Express Lane Fiend, you! 😉 If I have my kids with me and I’ve been fighting with them throughout the store (only ONE cookie! Put that back! NO, I’m not buying that! Why is it that EVERY SHOPPER IN THE STORE needs to know my kids by name by the time we leave?!!) there’s no way in hell I can keep an accurate count of how many items in my cart. One thing’s for sure, though — I get no dirty looks in the Express Lane. Everyone is just grateful to us for leaving.

  11. Funny that anyone would be mean in the comments. If you can’t use your name dont comment. I liked your story!
    The room could use maybe 1 chunky colorful textile to warm it up just a bit.

  12. Coco, this bedroom is the perfect place for my morning Yoga! A great space for meditation that is easy to clear my mind of mishaps at the grocery store, 12 items or less or not! I love it and may God Bless the crabby employee that is in dire need of some Christmas cheer!

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