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Hallway with natural wood floor leading to a white bedroom

So far so good this weekend. Fun late dinner on Friday, great dinner party by CJ’s fireplace on Saturday night. Today…have lots to do as usual…and am looking forward to a productive Sunday!

Oh and yesterday…I bought my first pair of UGGS. They are very unattractive boot/slippers I think…that is what has kept me from buying them before now…I always said I would NEVER buy a pair of UGGS. I should remember never to say never. Yesterday, it was cold out…I was going to Neiman Marcus to pick up some really cute Tory Burch boots I had ordered (and I was wearing my new shiny patent leather very high Christian Louboutin boots just to prance around town…(clearly I’m on a boot shopping spree lately it seems)), when I asked my shoe guy John if they had UGGS at Neiman. They did and they do and so $180 plus tax later I am now the not so proud owner of UGG boots. Oh boy…is the world coming to an end…why do I have these? I must admit they are quite comfy…rule will be though…wear only around the house or if popping out to the market or Starbucks and then coming straight home. No UGG wearing around town for no reason! Right? Admission: I am wearing my UGGS right now…I may not take them off for the day and I have more than one errand to run…hmmm….rule breaking already it seems.

Anyhoooo….enough about UGGS and onto this space… I’ve been getting a lot of seemingly angry comments from readers who don’t like white rooms. Problem seems to be that I love a nice white room…I think if done right, it can be serene, inviting, calming and simple. A white room can have charm and be visually interesting without a drop of color. Take this hallway for instance…love it. Sorry dear readers who hate white walls or white spaces in a home…I have always said I am color-phobe…so please bear with me and my lust for white rooms…I’ll try to bring you the most interesting white rooms from time to time…but I must say I do love them…and it is not to make anyone angry or to insult anyone…it is just what my eye is drawn to…hope you understand. I also hope you enjoy today’s WEEKEND PHOTO…and please continue to comment even if you don’t…that is fine too…I like hearing what you think of my picks!

Happy happy Sunday!


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Photo: John Bessler

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  1. I love a white room too (when, as you say it has been done well). I also have a bit of an aversion to ‘Uggs’ but only because of the reputation that they have received. When you go back to their origins they are a staple in the households of Australia and New Zealand. I choose to go with the Canterbury Sheepskin boot myself. They are less expensive and are just as cosy

    Love the blog

  2. Are your Christian Louboutin boots the thigh high ones with the zipper detail and the lace up the top at the back? I love those!
    I am enjoying all the decor photos of white rooms. Thinking of doing that too.

  3. Oh dear! You are 100% correct on the UGGS! Oh no… I’ve made the fall myself in the past. I feel like everyone has to own a pair at some point?! Congrats on holding out so long. Wear them proudly on the coolest of winter days….

    Love this photo. This is what peace looks like…

    Love you blog. Thank you. I’m clicking the follow button next.

  4. Your blog is CoCoriffic! Love it!

    And by the way, my bedroom (though not as monochromatic as the hallway above) is indeed mostly white. Sometimes people will criticize the lack of doo-dads and what-not, but I find the simplicity and mostly white decor incredibly serene and calming.

    Rock on with yo CoCoCrazy self!

  5. PLEASE don’t wear your UGGS out and about. Whenever I’m out shopping and hear someone plodding up behind me, I know they are wearing those awful UGGS. They are so slovenly looking — they really don’t compliment anyone.
    On the other hand, I do LOVE white rooms!

  6. It’s your blog, my dear, and you can post whatever pictures you like. If others don’t like white rooms, they can skip your blog just like I skip blogs that picture rooms in neon-bright colours. So keep those beautiful, serene white rooms coming!

  7. the white room is so inviting, relaxing looking!!
    all uggs arent the same you know…I have a pair with leather on the foot, and the leg is suede. so warm and comfy i can go barefoot with them, in freezing weather and im toasty 🙂 besides, when its cold and snowy and wet, you cant look pretty all the time!

  8. I LOVE white rooms. Next week they are coming to paint my entire kitchen white–ceilings, walls and cabinets! So excited! Please check it out on my blog!

    I’m not a fan of the typical UGGS either, but I just bought a pair of chesnut-colored leather wedge UGGS, and I LOVE them! They are very warm, so I can only wear them on cold days.

  9. As a designer… and one who adores color… I LIVE in white. It’s purity and softness allows my mind to rest. I bring my color in seasonally with accessories and flowers… and it is the ultimate backdrop highlighting my favorite objects and statement pieces. I give my clients all the color they want… but me … i gotta have my white! Oh and i just got home from brunch … tossed my Betsey Johnson’s to the side and content and comfy in my Uggs. Wear them proudly, my dear! 🙂 Cause isn’t living really about what makes YOU “cozy”?

  10. I love looking at a beautifully executed white room….but with Poodles & Cats sharing everything
    at my house, looking is all I can do! Keep ’em coming!!!

    I too broke down last month and was at Neiman’s, and the Uggs finally came home. Gosh I love slipping into them in the morning and after dinner at home. Winter will be so much more pleasant now!

  11. Love this photo..makes me happy.. i once wrote a paper in school about wanting a white room and probably never having one..i’m putting the dream back on the front burner! thanks for the inspiration… do i get rid of my 3year old so i can get that white room!? jk.. 🙂

  12. You have obviously not removed horrible ski boots and slipped your feet into a comfy pair of Uggs, if you had you would not be so embarrassed. And to the commenter who said why in LA would we even think about them? do people really believe that our feet dont get cold in LA? Enjoy them and wear them proudly (just not with short skirts or shorts, leave that to the young ones)

    BTW, I love the serenity of the white rooms so keep them coming.

  13. Uggs may be ugly -but they will become your best friends at home. (Especially the shearling moccasins)
    The white is very … uh white. A beautiful red pillow (instead of the green) would pop it!
    Have a happy week~

  14. I adore the white rooms. The uggs- not so much. But if you’re confessing, I will too. I have the same story about… I can hardly say it…. crocs. Think of me what you will… but I own no uggs 🙂

  15. UGGS is a big thing here in Australia… but agree that it’s arguable how trendy they really are 🙂

    About the white room, great photo, and yes I think it can work great too as your photo illustrates. Don’t think there is anything wrong with dropping in a little bit of colour with a couple of paintings or photos.

    However a white room with some framed black and white photos on the walls can look really stunning.

  16. This is one of those spaces I could move right into! It hits the perfect balance between color and no color, soft and hard, interesting and calm.

    Regarding the UGGs, stick to wearing them at home, or it’s all downhill from there!

  17. This is my first time here and I feel lucky for “finding” your blog. It’s very well done! Goo job!!!

    Plz, visit mine too if yu can.. I’ve just started and it would great to know what you think about it.

    Thank you.


    Luciane at

  18. I love white rooms. I think it all started when I was a renter, not allowed to paint the walls. Now that I’m an owner, I prefer white walls. White walls give my imagination more room. And I like white walls because they give me the freedom to change the colors of accessories and thus change the entire look of a space. My kitchen is all-white (except for the large on-the-diagonal medium gray porcelain floor tiles that look like leather). And all my other rooms have white walls. And my living room sofa is white leather. (Although I could use a modern area rug with a few pops of bright color.) My living room floor is dark brown wood.

  19. I too swore I would NEVER buy a pair of UGGs – they are so ugly! But, I did buy a pair for my 11 year old daughter – she had to have them or die!

    I still think they are uggly and unflattering on her petite little body – but she loves them and is thrilled with me for buying them.

    Oh, and I adore white rooms – please show more!

  20. 1. I love your blog.
    2. It’s your blog — post what you want to.
    3. UGGs are ugly — but when you get to my age, comfort comes first. I am considering some this year.


  21. I love white rooms – so clean and crisp and sophisticated! And, regarding your last post on gingham, I just ordered a silk, small check gingham in shades of creams and tans for my bedroom drapes! New to your blog and am really enjoying it!

  22. i know this comment is way late but mom with 2 kids and full time job. enuf said.
    Anyways, totally with you on the Uggs and had the exact same experience. reluctantly bought them, swore to wear them around the house ONLY, then so comfy, i don’t want to take them off. haha!
    And who doesn’t love a white house? Hello?!

  23. Hi, just wanted to know what kind of wood that was on the floor and what finish/ stain if you know?

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