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Dining room with high ceilings, classic chairs, long wood table, black urn, dark wood floor and printed curtains

I like this dining room for some reason. Seems so orderly. I love the high ceilings, the classic chairs, the grain on the long wood table, the simple black urn with its pointed top, the muted tones, the dark floors and I love the printed drapery adding the splash of texture and visual interest (maybe because I have so many printed curtains in my COCOCOZY home furnishings collection and I like to see a window framed in elegant patterns). So simple…no frills…no clutter…but yet nothing missing for me…oh maybe some wonderful people, great food, candlelight and some flowers would be the only additions I would make!

What do you think of this room? When is the last time you entertained in your dining room? How would you describe you formal eating space?

Happy Sunday!


Photo: Caldwell Flake

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  1. I think there are a lot of reasons to love this beautiful dining room – the combination of light and dark, elegant and rustic and pattern and plain. It is a light restful mix that I think would appeal to many different design sensibilities!

  2. I love it too! I agree with all that has been said about it but would add that with such a simple room, then the company and the food takes center stage. I think if a dining room gets too much going on, it looks great empty but can get a bit overwhelming when full of people and a great meal! So…I love it!

  3. This is a beautiful space; the symmetry and simple elegance appeal to me so much. To answer your questions, the last time we entertained in our dining room was the second week of January, just before our renovation. My formal dining room is now full of tools, as it has become my contractor’s command center. 🙂

  4. Beautiful! I love this room. It’s the perfect color of cream. Do you happen to know the name of the paint? It’s so difficult to find a cream that’s not too yellow.

  5. Yes, please do tell us the colour of cream on the wall. I am just trying to find just the right one to update my home with. Thanks.

  6. love the room. last time I had dinner was for Thanksgiving, hello, too long ago! That’s why I am thinking of making my living rm. a dining/lounge adult area. And making the dining room a family/great room. All in time.

  7. This dining room demonstrates so well that it only takes a few carefully chosen pieces to make a room. If you tend to prefer pared-down spaces and you hate clutter (me!), it’s still possible to love the way a room looks! Great job…

  8. I love this Dining Room simple, yet elegant it has so much going but in such an easy flowing way ! I have just got married and have just decorated my own dinning room, im only 23 but i am an inspiring interior designer and doing my own house up has been a dream 🙂 Im quite into black and cream , i designed my house to re sell and so i had to pull back on the amount of detail i used ! I have a black gloss dinning table with a large chandelier ( thats actually plastic but noone can even tell !! ) I have cream wall paper which is made up of matt cream straipes and a pearlised cream strip, my other walls are simple but to add that glam factor i had a clear glitter paint added over my plain cream walls and when the light hits it , it sparcles and gives that magical feeling !! I am currently looking for thick black velvet curtains and cream shutters but in England they seem to be so expensive, any ideas how i could cut my costs ?? I just have black slatted blinds at the moment !!

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