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Wicker chairs in a sitting area in front of window with black trim with a large bouquet of hydrangeas in a vase on a round wooden table

So awhile back, I went to that fundraiser at uber interior designer Michael Smith’s house…it was fundraiser with the First Lady Michele Obama as the guest of honor. I took pictures of the event and posted those.  It was fun seeing the first lady in person and it was almost equally as fun to see inside a top designers gorgeous home (just the public areas of course).  While standing in the living room I noticed the gorgeous dining room in Michael’s house…a formidable dining area with very important furniture and art but what was really cool was that he surrounded the dining table with wicker chairs…yes wicker.

Well I don’t have pictures of that dining room to share with you but I’ve been seeing a lot of wicker being used indoors. I’ve always thought of wicker as outdoor or porch type furniture material…but these days wicker has made it’s way comfortably and decidedly inside the home too.  I like it when it is blended in with its indoor environment…lends a relaxed look to otherwise formal spaces.  Interesting trend…

Take a look!

covered enclosed sun porch in t.v. star Ellen Degeneres' home with a rustic dining table surrounded by wicker arm chairs.
A covered enclosed sun porch in t.v. star Ellen Degeneres’ home boast a rustic dining table surrounded by wicker arm chairs. (above)

Dining room with wicker chairs wood farmhouse table, large traditional mirror on the fireplace mantel, a white fireplace and a chandelier

Dining room with wood floor, wicker chairs with an upholstered chair at the head of hte table, and a large, white accent mirror

What do you think of using wicker inside…in a dining room or living room or regular living space?  Do you like or do you hate?  Love or loathe?  Which of these rooms do you think works the best with a little wicker?
Happy Monday!


P.S. It is official, I need to hire someone else to help us with COCOCOZY textiles collection.  This week as we prepare to go to New York International Gift Fair it is becoming clear that the COCOCOZY team has to grow.   Need a freelance part time or maybe even full time design assistant to join the team.  Know anyone here in Los Angeles?  Help…!!!!!!!!!!  If you do, email me at [email protected].

P.P.S.  Had a great conversation with JL this morning.  Still some things to work out but will possibly have an exciting announcement soon hopefully!

P.P.P.S.  It is raining in Los Angeles.  Rain?  Los Angeles?  This is startling? Shocking?  How will we all cope?  Okay…I’ll be quiet…I know you on the east coast are dealing with snow…but rain is a BIG deal here in Los Angeles…it is.  It is. 🙂

P.P.P.P.S.  Looking for a nice Valentine’s Gift for the sweethearts in your life…remember…you can order a Special Edition COCOCOZY candle we’ve made with a little love in mind!

Photos: Lauren Rubenstein; Architectural Digest; Milk Magazine; Lynn Morgan Design


  1. Ooooh I’ve always loved wicker, especially those great dining chairs! I think they lend a nice soft feel and last forever. And how exciting for your growing biz! I’ll tweet the notice out to Twitter 🙂 I would love to help in some way if I could, but I’m all the way in South OC – not too close!

    Something 2 Write About

  2. I have always loved a touch of wicker and recently used pottery barn’s versions of Ellen degeneres” chairs in a montana sunroom. nice post

  3. The wicker is beautiful! I really like it in the living room setting, not a huge fan of it at a dining room table. I think the color and texture is beautiful!

  4. The ceiling in the first picture caught my eye instantly. I love the look of the timeworn and weathered boards. I enjoy your posts and especially the pictures. Congratulations on your expanding business.

  5. Lovely photos, especially the 3rd pic, with the bright airy atmosphere and the delicate lines of the chairs, reflected in the soft curves of the flowers and of the chandelier!
    PS: The first wicker chair I ever saw was in my grandfather’s glass veranda (sort of an inside outside room, too)

  6. Beautiful images. I don’t live in a climate that you would associate with wicker, but my grandmother had a wicker chair and I have fond memories of sitting in it when she brushed my hair.

  7. I welcome wicker and its texture !!!! Seems to add the best combo of casual and cozy to a space. It can be overdone though so….When in doubt “Wicker Wisely” 🙂

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