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See the luxurious COCOCOZY throw pillow design feature in this issue of high gloss 2011, alongside other fabulous interior designers!

high gloss 2011

The Pillows Featured

COCOCOZY was featured along side multiple different designers.

Sayso Design $38

Jonathan Adler $110

Clayton Gray $180

Shop Ten 25 $44


Nest $189

About High Gloss Magazine

A digital magazine published bi-monthly that focuses on fabulous interior design, fashion, travel, and entertainment. High Gloss Magazine launched in August 2010. The awesome online shelter magazine created by the outstanding Editor-in-Chief Paloma Contreras, and her team started earlier this year. This “online glossy” editorial is a must-read because it features fantastic interior design along with some fashion, travel, and other things. Anything that is trending or need to know, you can discover on the site. The digital magazine was mentioned in a New York Times article about the growth of online magazines for home décor!

Paloma has been wonderful to COCOCOZY. She has been extremely encouraging and has included a few COCOCOZY textiles in earlier issues. If you’re looking for more of COCOCOZY click the links below to learn more.

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