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small apartment New York

This is what 425 square feet in New York looks like. Three levels of apartment living neatly designed into a small foot print.  When the homeowner bought the unit on the Upper West Side back in 1994 it was more like a studio with roof access.  Today, thanks to some clever architect work, a small space is given new life and more square footage by simply adding different platforms within the 12 foot ceilings.

Simple, clean lines, neutral tones with a pop of turquoise.  I like.

Check out the architect’s rendering below to see how this small multilevel apartment works – all in under 500 square feet.

small multilevel apartment design
kitchen and living room in small apartment
Levels 1 & 2 – The sunken kitchen with light blue glass backsplash leads up into the main living room space. (above)
decorations in a small living room
Level 2 – The living room features a gray tufted modern sectional sofa. (above)
wood stair case with white storage boxes to increase space
The staircase leading up to level 3 doubles as storage with lacquer built in

Level 3 – Bedroom

loft style bedroom
Level 3 – The loft like bedroom. (above)
apartment before the multilevel redesign
BEFORE – If you can believe it, this is what the space looked like before the remodel. (above)

Such a smart use of space!  What do you think of this small apartment?  Could you live in this space?

Happy Wednesday!


Photos: New York Times

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  1. Wow that is an amazing use of space! I am soaking in all of the good ideas for small spaces that I possibly can. I have put an offer on a tiny house in the Hollywood Hills…I can see my office down the hill! But it’s only 1 bedroom! Very small but great view and lots of 1937 charm. Still trying to wrap my head around the small space but I think I can make it work for the great location (haha…since I can’t afford more space in a great location…lol).

    Have a good one Coco…

  2. Dang! That looks so much larger than MY 450 square foot Jr. One (fancy speak for alcove studio). Wow. Love that storage under the stairs…

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