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Blue and white polka dot Jonathan Adler Lampert Sofa in a nursery with lots toys and pillows
AM does dots in a fab nursery decorated in chocolate brown and blues. (above)

AM DECO is back! After months of hounding and cajoling and threatening and whining and begging and pleading, I finally got best friend AM to send in some fabulous home decor photos…so here goes…

This is a room decorated by AM – it’s her son’s baby room.

In real life, AM is a business woman who runs a financial company…but in her spare time, she loves to decorate. AM has done wonders with the Soho apartment she shares with hubby JE and son JE Jr. She has turned her New York City apartment into a chic space full of color and charm.

Love this nursery. When I called AM to thank her for the photos, I thought I might be able to do a quick Q&A with her. Not the case I discovered (once again). In typical AM for AM DECO fashion, she had less than no time to explain anything about the photos she had sent me.

Here’s how the call earlier this week with best friend AM went down:

AM/COCO MORNING PHONE CALL (earlier this week)

Ring. Ring.

AM: Hi. What’s up? I’m busy.

COCO: Oooohhh, I love the photos you sent. I can’t wait to post them. Thank you. (Bubbly and thrilled to speak to good friend)

AM: (Silence)

COCO: I think I will do my first post on the baby room. It looks great. Love the Jonathan Adler Lampert sofa you had slipcovered in that blue and brown polka dot material. Where did you get the fabric?

AM: I don’t know.

COCO: How many Lampert sofas and Lampert daybed loungers do you have? I want one. Should I get one?

AM: Four. No, wait until you have more space.

COCO: Good idea.

AM: (Silence)

COCO: So…anyway… (cut off mid sentence)

AM: You know what? I can’t talk right now. I’ve got to go.

COCO: Wait (I screamed)

AM: No. I’ve got to go.

COCO: Wait! (screaming even louder)

AM: (Silence)

COCO: (Now out of breath) Okay. I’ll be quick. What was your inspiration for the nursery? Just a few words. Please…for the post…please? (Pleading desperately for some reason)

AM: I don’t know.

COCO: (Grrrr….eyes half mast now)

AM: (Silence)

COCO: (Reverse silence – strategically deciding to turn the tables in hopes of getting an answer)

AM: (Silence)

COCO: (Reverse silence)

AM: (Strategy works) Okay. I wanted to do the room in blue and brown. Got the idea for the polka dot themed fabric from the balls in the wall decals. Do you see the monkey and zebra decals – both animals are playing with blue balls…I wanted to have fun with the ball theme with the polka dots.

COCO: That’s great. I notice the decals and I love the zeb… (cut off again)

AM: I’ve got to go. I’ll call you later. Bye.


COCO: (Dazed and confused and looking at the imaginary camera with eyebrow raised)


Well at least I got one sentence out of her about this ADORABLE baby room which will easily transition into a great little boy’s room in a year or so.

Nursery with dark brown walnut stained wood Stokke Sleepi Crib from tottini, a turquoise trunk, blue and brown polka dot curtains and two monkey decals on the wall
Whimsical monkey decals adorn the wall above the dark brown walnut stained wood Stokke Sleepi Crib from tottini. To hide toys and supplies a wood trunk is painted bright turquoise blue to match the room’s color scheme. Polka dot drapes hang in a small window. (above)

Blue and brown polka dot Jonathan Adler Lampert Sofa covered in toys in a nursery with a blue zebra playing with a ball decal
A playful zebra wall decal looks down upon a brown and chocolate polka dot slipcovered Jonathan Adler Lampert Sofa. (above)

Well, AM…once again, I love your style. I love little JE Jr.’s room. Think this room could work for an adult too. Thank you for the photos!

Readers, please look out for more from AM…have some more photos from her…!


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