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black white living room decor interior design chairs mid century modern bo concept rug sofa ikea floating cabinet picture gallery wall

LOVE this apartment…the collection of furniture, the modern sensibility and the overall hue!  Fantastic.  Nubby gray Bo Concept rug and sofa from there too. Custom modern white coffee table on casters (wheels).  These standard pieces are all complimented by an array of midcentury modern looking arm chairs and a classic black Thonet bentwood chair.  Of course, you know me, I love the white wood floors.

Look is achieved with a very neutral base (if you take away all of the accessories) all in black white and grays and then textures and patterns are layered in the form of art, pillows, lighting, lamps and other items.

The built in book shelf that divides the kitchen from the living space is fantastic…a functional dividing wall.

small white kitchen apartment stainless steel cart laminant counters white wood floors

What do you think of this apartment?  Like or dislike?  Does it need more color or are you fine with the black, white, silver and a bit of brown?

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Been having nice meetings lately with fab Hollywood agent HM.  He’s been introducing me around to his colleagues.   He’s nice.

P.P.S.  Have been doing a Vegan before 6pm diet (there is some new book out that says be a vegan by day and then a carnivore by night…am always game for trying something new).  Am a total airhead though.  I pranced out of my office at lunch time the other day singing, “I am Vegan before 6. Vegan before 6.  Vegan before 6”.  Everyone just looked at me as if I was kooky.  I walked across the way with a person in my office, I ordered lunch and came back and started eating it.  After I had taken several bites, a person in my office who was also eating the same lunch selection said, “Just thought of something…that turkey chili is not vegan”.  Duh.  I do have quite a few airhead moments.  Uhh…what about ordering “turkey chili” would ever make me think “vegan”?  Tomorrow is another day!

Photos: Elle Interior

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  1. I love this apartment, so crisp and organized…I love the black and white and touch of wood, I would have put something brown or same colour of wood chairs on the other side of the room to balance it…maybe even a brown vase… but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing…beautiful!

  2. I love this!! White floors, yes. I would do with less pillows in the living and allow the art to give the gorgeous texture it does. Been following you for quite some time and LOVE it. Thank you!!!

  3. I LOVE this apartment! By the way, lack of protein is a big reason for space brain, sounds like you need the meat in the chili! I would also say vegan in the day and met at night is NOT a healthy diet for your hormones or endocrine system, in fact, the opposite would be better for a woman, or anyone busy or who is feeling lightheaded. We women destroy our thyroids and our bodies abilities to regulate our food nutrients from all these wacky and misconstrued ways of eating. Eat the heavier food during the day when you need it and while you are actively burning it off all day. Eat lighter at night when your body is more sedentary and your cortisol can rest.

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