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Living room with beamed ceiling, fireplace, taupe sofas and armchairs, wood floor, picture window and three small white coffee tables

In my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills, my beams show. They are white but I like all kinds of beamed ceilings…including exposed beams…they add character.

I like this cottage living room here…not my cottage but a cottage in Spain somewhere.  Bright, light, airy with an interesting pitched ceiling with lots of beams.  Cozy indeed!

Now onto non sequiturs…

1. It is freezing outside here today in Los Angeles. 45 degrees this morning and sunny. Bizarre.

2. Am going to wear a bright orange dress today. Far cry from my beloved black. Dress is too short though…am going to give it a whirl and work…we shall see.

3. Last night I had to cancel dinner plans because I locked myself out of my car at work. Was stuck at the office until oh about 8:45p waiting for the locksmith. See COCOCOZY Twitter to see the locksmith in action. Oy vey.

4. My sister keeps sending me her travel itinerary for Europe this summer…I can’t go…she keeps telling her plans in hopes I will go…I can’t go…wish I could go…would have to put all COCOCOZY collection stuff on hold (NY and Atlanta Gift Fairs)…so I can’t go…maybe I can get her to take photos for me…she is obsessed with the camera on her iPhone…so maybe she can put it to good use?

5. Dog, Mr. Boo, ate a COCOCOZY Gate throw. Arghhhhhh! Not throwing the throw away…I just folded it in a different way on the living room sofa.  Resourceful.

6. Why does it feel like every time I get one thing done…5 other things pop up?

7. I need to take a day this weekend to go take photos. Have been remiss on exploring design in L.A. lately…I am going to do a little design hunting this weekend (I hope).

8.  Was at a total loss for words (strange again) at a key moment this week.  I used the word “stuff” during a big presentation on Tuesday.  The presentation was in front of my most senior bosses and a HUGE client.  I said something like …”now I’m gonna show you some stuff.” Tres articulate…right?  Meeting was kind of funny because one guy was describing a project he worked on as a mix between Coyote Ugly and Training Day – two movies that are total opposites.  Made me chuckle!  I also said “you know” a few times too and at one point I was supposed to be pressing a button to move the Power Point presentation forward and I said “I’m always so afraid of these things…”…I looked up and noone in the room was smiling.  Anyhooooooo…what’s a girl to do….

That’s it.

Happy happy Friday!


P.S. Was so thrilled to see the latest issue of HIGH GLOSS MAGAZINE that came out yesterday!  Fantastic overall!  Even more fantastic because a  COCOCOZY Logo throw in aqua  made it into the editorial mix (see pg 11)!   High Gloss Magazine is a fab new interiors and  fashion online mag…this is the second issue and it is truly fabulous eye candy and reading!   Love it (yes I am saying the word “love” to the other reader who says she hates when I say “love”…)! The founding editor of High Gloss, Paloma Contreras, is so nice and talented…she is a fellow blogger too by the way…La Dolce Vita is her blog.  Congrats Paloma and team on this new issue of High Gloss and thank you for including COCOCOZY!

Photo: Unknown

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  1. That last bit about your presentation made me it wasn’t funny while it’s just the way you put the beams in the image..have a lovely visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  2. I adore beams in a home and how they add interest to a space…so cool that you have beams in your cottage! Congrats on High Gloss-I did spot your lovely throw in the mag!

  3. Great post..beautiful all that tone on tone magic going on. Beautiful. I also love your classic ane knit throw…I am going to have to get my paws on one one day very soon..they are so pretty!

  4. Nice post and photo. We’re in and out of p-and-b homes here in LA all the time, never get sick of them.

    PS: no harm in mentioning where you live!

  5. Personally, I love it when people say where they live — my pet peeve is when I can’t find any mention even in the about me section of a blog. I just need to know these things!

    I’ve been following you for a bit now and am cheering you on. I really appreciate your openness and candor with venturing into the crazy world of trade fairs and product lines. All the best!

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