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Interior designer Ghislaine Vinas' small home office with a bright purple Saarinen chair, floating desk and a green cabinet
Form and function come together perfectly in an interior designer’s gorgeous small home office that features vibrant colors along with great design. (above)

I feel so lucky…today, I am sharing with you a BEFORE & AFTER from sought after New York interior designer Ghislaine Vinas’ own weekend house! Ghislaine was kind enough to answer a few questions about this bright and cheery colorful workspace at her country home. Here’s what she had to say about the room makeover in her own words.


COCO: How did you come up with the color scheme?
GHISLAINE VINAS, GHISLAINE VINAS INTERIOR DESIGN: It’s funny because in my own house color schemes seem to evolve. When I am designing or a client it’s a more thought out process but for my own house its taken about 4 years for the interiors to come together.
I am on a tighter budget than most of my clients so I often pick up things at sales or flea markets or things that have not worked out for clients. I usually find a place for these pieces. I wont take something I don’t like unless its just a temporary filler piece.

COCO: Anything I should know about the space?
GHISLAINE: This space is a part of the living room …… I should show you a before picture – it would make you laugh. This house was so sad when we bought it……. we made it bright and cheery

Living room with outdated wood paneling and beaten up carpeted floors
Before Ghilsaine put her magical design touch on the living room in her weekend home, the space was covered in outdated wood paneling and beaten up carpeted floors. Needless to say it was dull, drab, dark and depressing. (above)

Interior designer Ghislaine Vinas' small home office with a bright purple Saarinen chair, floating desk and a green cabinet
After, WOW! What a difference a great interior designer can make. Ghislaine transformed the wall in her weekend home’s living room into a cozy office space that is full of light, bright, stylish and cheery. (above)

GHISLAINE: The chair for example is a Saarinen chair that I had reupholstered for a client’s office. There were a few of them but the person sitting at one of the desks really did not like the chair so the client did not want it…. so I adopted it and its found a loving home. The desk is simply marine plywood with white laminate on the top and bottom – I like the cantilevered look. The drawer was from DWR from their warehouse in NJ. It has a scratch on the side that is not visible so we got it for a great price. The art are all pieces that were either given to me by the artist or by Mixed Greens gallery. They send out beautiful little limited editions every year at years end and I am always thrilled. I just love them. One of my favorites is Holly Lynton’s self portrait of her mouth pressed up against a glass pain. But the bright purple piece in the corner is by an amazing artist and rug designer and friend Amy Helfand, They are all special pieces that I cherish.

Interior designer Ghislaine Vinas' small home office with a bright purple Saarinen chair, floating desk and a green cabinet

COCO: How much time do you spend using it?
GHISLAINE: I use it more in the winter time since in summer and spring I spend time outside around the pool or on the front porch with my laptop.

COCO: How recently did you finish it?
GHISLAINE: This area was finished about 2 years ago and most of the house was …… but it’s never finished. This area will probably look different in 2 years – things are always evolving.


Thank you Ghislaine once again for these fantastic photos, answering my questions and for sharing your designs with me and my readers in general. Love your work!

Readers, please share your thoughts by clicking on the comments link right below.

Hope you have a great day!


Photos in this post by Jaime Vinas

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  1. The space really is fresh and fun – I could get some work done here, I think!

    The peek given of a living room chair definitely made me curious about the rest of the room!

    Victoria @ DesignTies

  2. great space – its actually exactly what i would like to do for my ‘home office’. i’ll be inserting a similiar ‘plank of wood’ to the side of my fire place, but just want to know how to ensure the desks’ strength?

    i assume there are simply a few bolts holding it in place. i can’t see any legs or side support. how will this desk be strong enough??

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