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white living room with black & white moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiles again! I am obsessed. Love these all white living spaces with a bold black and white tile floor.

Maybe something like this would do the trick…

Black and white mosaic tiles
Le Mosaiste – 1-4/Rachid Mosaic Tile (above)

…or this?

Black White Morrocan Maroc Tiles
Imports from Marrakesh – MT-01 – $750 per tile (Cement tile hand made in Morocco)(above)

white living room with black and white moroccan tiles close up

white bedroom with black white Moroccan tiles and silver Moroccan lamps

Hmmm…food for thought.  I need a second home where I could try out this look throughout.  I think I would be very happy.

What do you think?  Do you like the idea of Moorish looking mosaic tiles throughout a house?  Let me know.

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Tomorrow I leave for NYC and the New York International Gift Fair.  I’ll be showing the COCOCOZY collection beginning Sunday 1/27/13 at the Javits Center, booth #7919!  I’ve heard it is freezing in NYC.  Will be running around so much hopefully I won’t notice?!>@#$!?

Photos: El Ramla Hamra

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  1. You can borrow any coat you like while you are staying in NYC! Can’t wait until you arrive. The kids are so excited.

  2. I love Moroccan tile but it always manages to look very ethnic because it’s always mixed in with so many competing colors. You’ve done a great number here by cleaning things up so that just the tile is the primary focus. Beautiful!

  3. Are you serious $750 a tile – that is such a rip off… it would be cheaper for you to fly to Morocco and get them made, then ship them home to the US. My Hubby is Moroccan and every time I show him things like this he’s shocked at what people charge, in Morocco you’d be lucky to pay $1 a tile!! Love them though, very gorgeous and stylish…

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