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living room blue velvet sofa pink side chair oval white coffee table modern home decor design

Great blue velvet sofas seem to be on trend these days.  I’m going to take out the word “seem” and just say these lovelies are definitely the “it” piece of furniture in home decor.  There.  I did it.  I made a definitive statement.  Wooo hoo!!! (TE and anyone I know can tell you…I deliberate about everything…so a definitive statement by me is a big deal!)

White, taupe, brown or gray – neutrals – sofas still are still of course the most popular. I am seeing this blue velvet trend quite a bit though and I like it.

Something so rich, royal and luxe about a beautiful blue sofa.  Definitely adds a bit of personality to a room too.  Can be either clean and modern or plush and traditional in style.  Perfect to add an easy high design touch to any living room, den or common space in a house or apartment.

So today I bring you blue velvet sofas in the first CHEAP TO CHIC in some time!

Barclay Butera Ridgecrest Loveseat – regular $3,640; on sale $2,199  (Velvet blue love seat with nailhead trim, turned wood legs on casters) (above)
West Elm Everett Upholstered Love Seat  – $899 (Ink blue performance velvet)(above)
library blue velvet sectional sofa built in bookshelves books cozy home decor gold metal coffee tables

Would you dare to be different with a blue velvet sofa?  What are the pros in cons in your mind?  Do you like this trend?

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Making all of my summer plans right now.  Have some fun summer launches of product to announce soon…and I hope to go to market to show some of them off!

P.P.S.  My mom leaves for France this Saturday!  She goes every year for two months.  Wish I could go to Paris with her!  I haven’t been in two summers.  Must get back there soon.  I am taking her to the airport on Saturday and then stopping by a friend’s new store!  More to come on that!

P.P.P.S. TE and I are also in the late throws of making our summer vacation plans…we’ll see where we decide to go!

P.P.P.P.S. Had a great dinner with SR and LK at Katsuya two nights ago.  So great catching up with them.  So many fun stories to share!

P.P.P.P.P.S.  What are your summer plans?

Photos: Bo Bedre; House Beautiful


  1. i have been wanting a navy velvet sofa since i was a little kid (i was a strange kid). i finally have picked the one i want (after 3 1/2 years of searching) and am ordering it soon. i cannot wait! i am so glad that they are on trend right now because it made it so much easier to finally find the one!

  2. I, too, have been wanting a dark blue velvet sofa(actually sofa with a chaise attached) for at least the last 3 years, haven’t managed to find that perfect sofa yet, though 🙁

  3. I am loving the navy sofa trend! It wouldn’t work for my family though. I think it would make our little apartment feel even smaller and with a 4 year old and newborn, it would probably get ruined and stained! I would love to use it in a client’s space!

  4. My dad had a blue velvet sofa in the ’70s. He eventually had it reupholstered in white. I’d love to have the blue velvet version now!

  5. I’ve had mine for six years – family thought I was a bit off, but it’s beautiful. especially in early morning light or sunset!

  6. I love blue and white porcelain, garden seats and antique Minton china in cobalt blue, but that is close as I ever get to navy. That said, my first sofa was a deep blue vintage modern by Dux, which I bought in 1963…but I was very young.

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