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White breakfast nook with saarninen chairs and banquette leather window seating

Must love a good breakfast nook. Here’s one. White, crisp, cheerful, sunny…a nice place to enjoy the first meal of the day. The built in banquette with a seat upholstered in leather from Holly Hunt, paired with the white Saarinen chairs from Knoll make for a comfy and cozy area to spend oh at least an hour drinking tea, reading the paper, doing a nice crossword (that’s for my mom, she loves crosswords), plotting and planning out the day.

I would even lunch in this nook too!

What does your kitchen eating area look like? What do you think of this little nook?

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Great dinner last night at Locanda Verde here in NYC with best of friends Anne and John! New York is so funny. We didn’t sit down to dinner until 10p and the restaurant was jam packed. It was Tuesday night!  Also got a chance to see A.Ro and her new guy too when we stopped by Morandi in the West Village.  That place was hopping too late on a Tuesday night.  New York. New York!

P.P.S. Off to a work party (I know…a daytime work party?) for my day job. Am debating between a totally business work appropriate dress or one that is a little more questionable for the work environment but that I love…hmmm…what to do?  The questionable one is from Armani and is almost see-through and has the back out…I know…not appropriate for work but I LOVE it.  My dilemmas are such non dilemmas I recognize.  There are bigger things to fret about and more important issues to focus on for sure…but for today I’ll circle around this little dilemma!  Just for a bit…and then I’ll get a grip.  LOL!

Photo: Elle Decor


  1. What a beautiful, refreshing breakfast nook. I can feel any tension from my morning quickly draining away just imagining sitting there having something summery a good for breakfast.

  2. Mine isn’t a nook, but it’s nook-like. Against a flat wall, I have an upholstered bench in order to maximize space.
    And I love dining late in cities like NYC and Paris. Mr. EE and I have always enjoyed that when we travel sans kiddos. We laughed about the same thing a month or so ago at Bar Boulud.

  3. I have a built in nook surrounded by windows. The dogs use the bench to get up and stand on the table to watch us come in the driveway. Not happy about that I have to tell you… I wish we had not made the nook and I opted for a regular table and chairs. Figures it was the one thing I always wanted in a house, right?! I also put small boosters on the bench for the kids and it’s just a pain, they fight at every meal. Children need proper chairs. I prefer to sit at the kitchen island myself…

  4. Oh – I also have to add my windows come just as low and the window trim hits you in the back! Too many pillows make it look weird. Great if you have a flat wall – no windows, and no dogs waiting for you on the table!

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