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Living room in a cabin with knotty wood floor, a black bench style ottoman, grey sofa and armchairs with high backs

Winter and snow seem to be the theme of my last few posts!

So many people I know are either stuck in snowy weather or voluntarily trekking to snowy weather to enjoy the holidays.

If I were stuck in the snow…I’d want to be stuck in this cabin. If I were voluntarily heading to the snow, I’d want to head to this cabin.

Oooooooohhhh friend FF just built a gorgeous 8,000 square foot house outside of Vail…it is GORGEOUS. Am hoping some day I’ll put a bit of it on COCOCOZY. I think it is one of those ski in/ski out places. She sent me a photo and it looks like a stunning lodge! I can’t wait to visit. She and her family are there now!

Surrounded by mounds of white snow in a little tiny glen this cozy cabin is perfect…I would love to spend hours in front of that stone fireplace! Wouldn’t you?

Living room in a cabin with knotty wood floor, grey sofa and armchairs with high backs, a flagstone fireplace, exposed beams and a red, upside down canoe hanging from the ceiling

Cabin in the woods in winter

Oh, I also love the canoe hanging from the ceiling. I should put a canoe in my little cottage in the Hollywood Hills and see what people think!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Go to COCOCOZY TWITTER and see my big news, I tweeted about it last night…tweet along with me and let me know what you think!

Photos: Powell & Bonnell


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