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Vintage French Leather & Steel 2 Drawer Table by Jack Adnet
Vintage French Leather & Steel 2 Drawer Table by Jack Adnet – $19,850 (mid 20th century. French. Use as console or desk. 39.5″w x 23.5″d x 29.25″h)

For no apparent reason was on 1st Dibs the other day…and came across these three lovelies. Black furniture with a bit of gold toned trim. I like the lines of all of these pieces…wouldn’t put them in a room together…but would certainly want one as a signature accent piece in a space. Imagine a white room sparsely decorated and add in some wonderful decorative molding on the walls…and then add one of these pieces for a powerful punch of style.

What do you think? Chic or not chic that is the questions?

Petite Ebonized Louis XVI 4 Drawer Dresser Commode
Petite Ebonized Louis XVI 4 Drawer Dresser Commode – $7980 (19th Century. France.)(ab0ve)

Antique French Louis XVI Gilt Settee with Mohair
Antique French Louis XVI Gilt Settee w/Mohair – $12,850 (19th century. France) (above)

I think I like the settee the best. Which is your favorite? Would you ever spend this much on antique? If not, maybe a reproduction would work?

Please do tell.

Happy Monday!



  1. OMG the desk at the top is hands down my favourite. How utterly, utterly elegant. I wondered when mid 20th century French furniture was going to start appreciating in value, especially as they are essentially reproductions!

  2. The first piece is my favorite, and the hardware totally makes it. The little gold ball feet are to die for. Would I spend this much on an antique for MY home? Hell no — everything in my home gets distressed by my destructive sons and puppy dogs.

    However, an unaffordable or unattainable antique makes a great “inspiration piece.” Brass and gold are definitely on the way back (now that everyone has purged them from their homes) and gilding the frame of a settee or changing out hardware on a desk or bureau is a great way to bring a little personality and trendy chic into one’s home without breaking the bank.

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