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Well organized wall closet

Is it possible for something to give you extreme joy while at the same time inflicting a sense of extreme anxiety?

Well that is kind of a rhetorical question because I know the answer is yes. This closet, for example, makes me very joyful and extremely anxious – diametrically opposed feelings all at the same time.

I love this wall closet…organized, manageable, pretty, realistic, the ideal closet for me…open racks, concealed areas, lots of drawers, shoes well organized, clothing well hung…well designed indeed.

While I love this closet, it also gives me total anxiety. Anxiety only because this is my ideal and I am living with a not ideal closet situation right now and in general. This morning, I thought my cleaning lady was coming so I threw almost everything in my closet onto my bed to be reorganized. A heap of black clothing…with some speckles of blue, purple, maroon and white here and there, piled high on my bed. Yikes! In my closet, there are still quite a few clothes, mis-hung, not organized, with heaps of shoes on the closet floor. A mess. P.S. Just realized that my cleaning lady doesn’t in fact come today…she comes Saturday (complicated scheduling…some weeks she comes Thursdays and some weeks she comes Saturdays). Oy va voy va voy.

Close up of a shoe rack in a well organized closet and a slightly opened drawer showing how wallets and clutch purses are organized

On the left is jewlery organized by color and type in a drawer, on the right is a well organized closet

Anyhoooo…I am leaving the pile behind…nothing I can do at this point…off to work and I’ll think about it later today (the worst feeling is coming home to a total mess…and the worst feeling I will have…anyhoooo what’s a girl to do? Don’t answer that either…I imagine the answer my mother would give, “a girl should organize her own closet and keep things neat at all times”…boo).

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Thank you for all of your comments on the reader submission photos I posted on the official COCOCOZY FACEBOOK PAGE on Tuesday evening. Was so glad everyone like. Thank you to reader Angela Robinson for submitting!


Photos: Annie Schlechter


  1. I feel your pain sweetie, Sunday after your leisure morning coffee, you will dive in. I just know it!! Good luck, I still have mine to do also so you are not alone in this grief, Kathysue

  2. do you know the person who belongs to this perfect closet? if so, may i have her come over to my place? (you had done an amazing job once, but i’d hate to put you through that again!)

  3. I think the person who owns this closet has WAY too many clothes!
    It will never stay this organized and if it does, I say that’s OCD in action:))!!

  4. My partner and I tried sharing a closet that that was just a disaster. I am guilty of having OCD in my closet – everything has to be arranged by item, color, lenght, etc.

    it doesn’t look like this because I don’t ahve this much clothes, but this is my dream come true.

    Thanks for letting me know that I’m not alone šŸ™‚

  5. These closets are awesome but unless my clothes learned to hang themselves up and my shoes learned to jump onto the shelves I think my closet would still be a mess. lol Thanks for sharing.

  6. So weird, I just cleaned out my closet yesterday, with my cleaning lady. It was crazy -dusty – and a mess…long overdue. It was exhausting, took 3 hours, and I still didn’t do it all.

  7. Eeek! You just made me think about the mess of a closet I have at home. Need to throw the excess out and organize the things I actually do wear… Thanks for the inspiration.

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