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Lately, as I am in the midst of growing the COCOCOZY home textiles collection, I’ve been thinking about marketing and sales. I got a chuckle earlier today as I was telling new COCOCOZY sales rep JG about how I was once possibly hoodwinked into buying a questionable item at one of the most elite brands in the world…right on Rodeo drive (btw…like southerners say “I was over served” when they’ve drank to much alcohol; I am saying I was hoodwinked when I might have just really been impulsive…I like to say I was hoodwinked though…takes all responsibility away from me…that’s right!) Hoodwinking is not a tactic we want to use for the COCOCOZY brand and not one typically used at this major brand either at all  but thinking about this story that actually happened to me got me to laugh!

Please make sure to read the update at the bottom of the post…life is filled with ironies!

For those of you who have seen this story, I hope you’ll weigh in again. The majority of you, I know haven’t read it because I had a much smaller readership back then, I hope you’ll weigh in now!

So today I bring you one from the COCOCOZY archives…UGLY OR PRETTY? HOODWINKED BY HERMES!  You be the judge!


Hermes Carre en Carres scarf

This is my Hermes scarf. This is the Hermes scarf that I was duped into buying.

Here’s how this became mine…

I was at the Hermes store in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive awhile back (August 2009)….on a mission to buy a new Hermes scarf. Thought it would be nice to have a classic silk scarf to wear as a belt with black dresses, jeans or black pants. Chic preppy. That was my goal. Black gold and white…or maybe one in that classic Hermes orange. Definitely with an equestrian feel (as I used to ride horses years ago…and love to pretend that I still have the horse woman in me by occasionally incorporating horsey things into my life). I knew what I wanted…I had a clear vision…focus…resolve.

Well, I walked into the store to buy my scarf just as that day’s Birkin bag had arrived. If you haven’t been to Hermes lately, in place of the renowned Birkin waiting list, Hermes has now started the clever practice of only releasing one of these $10,000+ bags a day…in a surprise daily ritual with the manager walking the bag down from a secret storage area at an unknown time. This Birkin bag “practice” creates a very bizarre in-store hysteria on a day-to-day basis with uber shoppers thronging the store in hopes of getting their hands on the leather purse of the day. The bags usually are sold within 10 minutes I was later told by one of the sales people. Only 10 minutes to sell a purse that costs over $10,000!!! That’s smart…trickery….or magic…you decide?

Well, all I wanted was a scarf.

So as I was standing at the scarf counter speaking with one of the Hermes ladies…the Birkin bag arrived. I was almost shoved aside. A girl and her boyfriend, a middle aged woman who everyone seemed to know, an older husband and wife, and lady who looked like a tourist (whatever that means) were all there waiting…to see the color, to decide whether they would plunk down the $10,000. All eager, all with bated breath. It was then that I got distracted. Totally distracted (which would be much to my chagrin).

Watching this Birkin bag purchasing spectacle made me for one moment think that I needed that day’s Birkin. My heart started to race. My American Express felt like it was burning a whole in my not so chic Tod’s bag. If that bag was not taken, I was going to buy it. Lucky for me (and my bank account), the young girl and her boyfriend, who seemed to have been first in line, won the coveted bag that day. I didn’t even have the option to purchase. What? Why not? How did these people know to even be here? How can I get one? This is not fair? Why didn’t I get the memo? Why wasn’t I in the know? These were all things that were running through my mind as the Birkin sailed out of the store and I was left at the war torn scarf counter.

Bewildered and bemused, I continued my hunt for the perfect silk scarf. I should have left after witnessing that Birkin whirlwind. I had lost all senses. While I had told the sales lady that I definitely and absolutely wanted a more traditional Hermes patterned scarf (you know the kind that oozes classic style), I did feel a bit like a second class citizen and was very impressionable at that point. Here were all of the ladies ready to fork over $10K and all I wanted was a measly $375 scarf (I know $375 is not cheap…I know…that’s why I’m telling this story…it was crazy…craziness…but the whirlwind of the Birkin made me lose my senses I tell you. It did! Aaaarrggghhhh!!!!)

So when the sales lady said in her best French accent, “Zees eeez za scarf you must geeeet. Eeet is so very very chic….I adorrrhhhee eeet!”, I looked at the scarf and thought to myself, “Really? I don’t know? Is this a joke? Maybe she’s right? I don’t know. I think it is kind of awful. Ooops, I should never even think anything is awful in Hermes. If I do, I may never be in the Hermes know. Well, she just said many of her clients are scarf collectors and this scarf is the one to have this season. I don’t know? It seems…so…so…I don’t know? Maybe if I buy one of these more daring scarves, I will feel like I am in the know…like the Birkin bag shoppers. I’ll have a collectors Hermes scarf. That’s it yes! Forget staid traditional. I’m going daring. I’m part of the “in” scarf collectors crowd. There…yes…aha!”

The scarf she carefully unfolded in front of me is the scarf you see here. Hmmm….

The scarf features a mish mosh of colors, patterns, themes, eras, a cornucopia of flora, fauna and half of a Native American man dressed in traditional garb (notice there is only half of this man on the scarf). Oh yes, did I mention, the palm fronds, the tiger and the medieval times horses?

So the scarf is mine. I’ve worn it once. I’ve tried it on a couple of times and even as a belt it doesn’t seem to work.

Now I leave it to you…is my Hermes silk scarf UGLY OR PRETTY?

Am I missing something here? I think you know where I stand on this…if you don’t by now, I’ll just call a spade a spade…I think it is leaning towards ugly…


Close up of the detail on a native american man on the Hermes Carre en Carres scarf

Close up of the palm fronds on the Carre en Carres scarf by Hermes

Close up of the tiger on the Hermes' Carre en Carres scarf

Close up of the Hermes logo on the Carre en Carres scarf


To tie this into home decor…maybe I can salvage this in some way. I won’t ever wear it but maybe I could frame it and make it a piece of art? Hang it on a wall? Add style and panache to my home?!#$%^&… I don’t think so.

If all of you see some beauty here…I’ll reconsider my point of view…I’m waiting…weigh in please!


Important Update…I was just on the Hermes site…today 4/15/11 and I noticed that a version of my scarf (it is called Carre en Carres) is still being sold at Hermes and it is now $580…my scarf has appreciated over time! This is crazy. The scarf I’ve made fun of for years is actually more expensive now than it was when I bought it. I guess there was no hoodwinking going on after all…someone thinks it’s pretty enough that its value has grown! Whoa! Over time, I have found uses for my scarf…I’ve worn it as a belt (hiding the design), a drawer liner, a keepsake…but I’ve still never been daring enough to actually wear it as scarf!

Was just on the phone with my good stylish friend Amie (A.Ro.) who works in the fashion industry. Years ago she said the scarf was “in” and I said not. A.Ro. is on her way to Paris and is at the airport right now. She just called and asked me why I was laughing…and I reminded her about the scarf and the story and told her the scarf has apppreciated to $580…all she said was, “I told you. That scarf was on trend. I knew it.”. I guess I’m still not on trend!

Please weigh in…do you think this scarf is ugly or pretty?

Happy Friday!


Photos: all photos in this post by Coco of Cococozy

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  1. When it’s laid out I’m not neccessarily a fan but I bet looped around your neck like an infinity scarf the colors would look really nice together. Perhaps you should try tying it on a few different ways to see if there’s one way that the colors all compliment each other best or if there’s a specific print you like make sure that’s the most prominently displayed.

  2. i think the scarf is quite fabulous….but how could anything HERMES not be!!!!! i don’t get why you don’t wear it…put it on w/ all black and i think it will be fabulous. ( your deck makeover inspired me to make some changes!)
    love your blog!

  3. You are right – it is ugly! Since it has appreciated in value, I suggest selling it on ebay for $400 and then go back and buy the scarf you really want!

  4. Hilarious post…I would have (and HAVE) done the exact same thing. You should read “Bringing Home the Birkin”…. so funny. True story about a guy who traveled the world buying bags for his clients. As for the scarf, I say sell it on eBay (sorry)…although does it look cute all wrapped up and tied around your waist? But then you can’t even tell it’s Hermes, so I’d sell it!
    -Stacy @

  5. Hoodwinked, for sure; but, isn’t that fashion? Most of it is ugly, by traditional consideration, but viewed as beautiful because of a label.

    Beauty is totally in the eye of the beholder. If you hate it, don’t wear it because your dislike will show. Sell it for $580, put that back into COCOCOZY products, and make $10k in profit margin!

  6. I am a new believer in the absolute chicness and perfection of everything Hermes makes. Recently, I went to an artisan tour that they are taking to 3 places in the U.S. It started in Seattle (really, Bellevue). I even wrote a blog post about the amazing steps it takes to make one scarf:

    Please twist it and wrap it around your neck and send us a photo!!! I think it will be divine when it’s flowing and not so noticeable that it is 5 different patterns!

  7. I think I like the scarf prob. would not have been my 1st choice but I can see it with navy or brown not sure about black…jaeans a ehite shirt and THE scarf …why the hell not sounds GREAT I say keep it and LOVE it make it yours…..

  8. This was one of my favorite posts ever! Hysterical and I really could feel myself in your shoes (or scarf as he case may be) I’ve been there. Ebay and take the profit… Just write what salewoman in Hermes said (but of course, with zee French accent). My granddaughters will now type a hello: hi i love yoooooouuuu! (Thalia’s 5) 1234567890-= (Sage is 3)

  9. It’s FUGLY. LOL. I’m with you on never wearing it. I don’t see how it would look “stylish.” Then again, I’m more a classic lady.

    I suggest you frame it as a reminder to never get hoodwinked at Hermes again. Or hoodwinked by any other “stylish” designer. 😀

  10. I think you, like alot of women, buy products by label because marketing pushes down our throats what is chic. My question to you is, if it was not from Hermes — did not have a Hermes label on it — would you have purchased it. No. So there is your anwswer. There are plenty of scarf designers out there making beautiful items that deserve your business. I hate pretention and sales people like that. Face it, the scarf is ugly, brings back conflict of the store scene when you bought it, so sell it. Pretention is not beauty. Labels are not beauty. And, the $10,000 bag only cost $37 to make. Hermes should be ashamed of themselves for creating that kind of marketing hype. I would never buy their products and I can afford them.

  11. Since asked…I would have to say truly ugly and your instincts (or buyer’s remorse is correct!). It looks like their design department had a slow day and just took pieces from other scarves-it’s way too disjointed…Sell it on Ebay and buy a Hermes scarf you love! Lucky you that it appreciated! You’ll make a nice return and get something you truly treasure..

  12. It’s like the quilt scarf……….guess I’m not a fan. I’d have to cut it in strips and figure out a clever way to frame each section separately…… maybe using some cool paper as a mat. It’s not about the money. What’s the best way to enjoy the art? Hermes may beg to differ.

  13. Well, I don’t think its ugly and I’m glad that it has appreciated in value. I just hope you can do something good for the world with it. Since you don’t really like it, maybe you could sell it and give the profit to your favorite charity. Reading the post about all those people going crazy and paying $10,000 for a purse made my head spin. I am an American who lives in Bolivia and $10,000 is much more than most people here make in a year. I could name you what $350 or $10,000 could do here to improve people’s lives, but I don’t think the readership would have an appreciation for it. I guess all I can say is that maybe next time you are tempted to plunk out $10,000 for a purse, please try to redirect your enthusiasm into thinking what else could be done with that money that would have lasting effects. (Don’t get me wrong, I love great design and nice, quality items, but what about keeping things in perspective.)

  14. I wouldn’t say it’s ugly…just…confused. Too many different elements. It’s not something I would buy. BUT…I wouldn’t laugh at you for wearing either.

  15. It looks like Someone threw up all the Hermes archives onto a scarf. HIDEOUS! I LOVE a good Hermes, have at least 10 of them that I occasionally resurrect, but yes, you were HOODWINKED! give it away.

  16. Yep, it is ugly:-). I worked at an Hermes Boutique and personally would not have sold you that scarf! There are soooo many yummy classics. You have to keep it because it will likely be super valuable one day and you will regret selling it more than having bought it in the first place. Hilarious story, thanks for sharing!

  17. I wouldn’t have picked that scarf either, but it’s not horrible; I think the colours are great. It definitely looks more like a work of modern art than a classy accessory. Considering the funny story behind it, I’d vote for framing it and hanging it on your wall as a conversation piece!

  18. *** Please forgive me (cuz really DO LIKE blog!) dear one, BUUUT, YOU ASKED!

    *** Sooooo, here goes… MY opinion, “for what it’s worth”:

    …”HERMES/SCHERMES”, it is just butt ugly, darlin! (But plz don’t take that tooooo personally~ you were/are young & can sometimes be easily mislead!!! Shame on that “french” salegirl, tho!!!).

    Why not offer it up to a charity auction? Then you can at LEAST deduct it from your taxes, kiddo! (Remember to make it an ANONYMOUS “donation” to the cause, tho, just to “save face”!!! Grins!!!)…

    Big, understanding & supportive hugs to you,
    Linda in AZ *
    [email protected]

  19. That is assuredly one of the most godawful ugly 5 patterned beasts of fabric masquerading as a scarf that I have ever seen. All I have are superlatives, hyperboles and gross metaphors for how hideous that thing is. That being said, it’s so hideous that I’m sure it will continue to appreciate in value and likely actually garner some praise should you wear it. 😉

  20. I never leave comments but I just had to weigh in! UGLY!
    I actually don’t think I have ever seen anything so horrible. If you do end up wearing it, please post pics.

  21. That was a crack up of a post….my friend and I had a great belly laugh… the update….I am chuckling….that scarf is the ugliest scarf!!! I think now you just need to keep it as a keepsake for posterity!
    Thanks for the laugh!

  22. The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. It is ugly and unsettling. But it sounds like you learned a lesson — and since you shared it, we all did too. So sell it on eBay already and take the sting out. You know you will only like it less as time goes on.

  23. This post made me laugh, literally, out loud! HA! Ahhh…. the joys of impulse buying! As for the scarf…. welllllll…. it does look like fabric remnants pieced together, but the part that is least attractive to me is the full-length Indian!? How all of these things are relevant to one another, I still do not know. ha. Thanks for the much-needed laugh!

  24. Only because you asked but it is NOT PRETTY. But I totally understand why you would buy it, I would have thought it was so different that it must be great and like you it would remain in my closet unused. Sell it on ebay. MB

  25. Just proud that I was around for the first post…I think your taste is impeccable, but I would like to know if your stylish friend plays the stock market, because that was a pretty good return!

  26. I’ll call a spade a spade- It is UGLY..but since you almost feel the same way about it..I don’t feel all that bad reiterating the point..the whole narration is hilarious..i just read it twice to get a few extra laughs!! thankfully there is some saving grace for the said ‘on trend’ scarf in the end..but it still stays ugly, unfortunately..Have a lovely sunday, coco..and thankyou for the laughs!! do visit my blog when you have a moment..xx meenal

  27. Just because it is Hermes doesn’t make it right. That scarf is ugly, probably designed for someone who just wants to buy something from Hermes.
    And the bags cost so much because they are handmade in a 1st world country( France) by a skilled workforce. But that said, I do think they are a little overpriced.

  28. I think that when it’s all opened up and laid out the way you have it, I’m not digging it so much – looks a little schizophrenic – but I think it would be darling as a belt with jeans and a crisp white top or tee. I have a Chanel scarf that I’ve only worn a couple of times for similar reasons as well. But I wool never get rid of it – It is a classic and it was amazing at the time – I love your idea of framing it as art…. You do have that option at least at some point. Love your blog!!! ❤

  29. You are right, it is ugly and you were drawn into loving the emporer’s new clothes. However, I disagree with your original idea as well. Dont go with the “signature” Hermes equestrian scheme, either. Find a scarf you love, in color you love. The yearly ranges are wide and varied, and you can find one that is really fabulously YOU. Only then will it be beautiful.

  30. I think the scarf is divine! It’s certainly not a classic, but it’s more like a “best of”. I would wear it in a heartbeat, but might like it even better hanging in a floating frame. Well done!

  31. LOL!! I laughed so hard, for two reasons..Your very funny, and I own two of the ugly scarves that are in your scarf..And I never wear them, I have buyers remorse as well..

  32. sorry but it’s ugly. sell it online on one of those schmancy online consignment stores and use the money to buy a NEW Hermes scarf that’s classy / traditiona / what you want and would wear.

  33. Your story is just too funny! I’m afraid that Hermes or not, this is one ugly scarf! But more than ugly, it’s confusing & crazy. Could you somehow fashion it as a pillow front? Or, tie it on the strap(s) of a purse? Having spent so much money on it, I’d definitely find a use for it if I didn’t sell it. Please let us know what you decided to do with it.

    Karen T.

  34. Several years back my aunt went to the Salvation Army and returned with a bag of neckties to contribute to my then-boyfriend’s work attire. These were, hands down, the gaudiest, most hideous ties I’d ever seen, but just as I was about to chuck them in the trash, I noticed “Rush Limbaugh Signature Tie” embossed on the back. Hmmm….

    A quick hour on eBay later, I was hocking those ties for $50 each. I cleared about $500 on that bag.

    In summary: that scarf is hideous to my eyes. It looks like a terrible knock-off sold to tourists out of the back of a truck. Ebay it, pocket the profit, and invest in a scarf you’ll wear. My $0.02.

  35. Ugly. Sell on ebay and replace.

    PS in your first sentence – the word is not “throws” (i.e. one throws a baseball or uses a throw/afghan) the word you are looking for is “throes” indicating laboring or exerting an effort….sorry, I can’t help myself, just part of the vocab police.

  36. Hi Paul…thank you for your editing help! I do appreciate any and all typo catches…I’m constantly publishing typos!!! Argghhhhhh. So thank you…thank you! Please vocab police away…


  38. What a funny story! As for the scarf, it is certainly unique… but, urg, kind of ugly. Sorry! Maybe sell it on ebay and it put it towards one you will love!

  39. The beauty of buying a colorful and visually interesting Hermes scarf like the one you have is its versatility. You can tie it in a million different ways and it may look different every time. Therefore, you almost have 5 different scarves as opposed to just one – and that is why it is unique and when laid out flat, could easily look “ugly”. Hermes even has a handy PDF file you can use to reference different ways to tie your scarf…lovely…

  40. I have totally done this! It’s not that I get the scarf home and think it’s ugly per se, it’s just that it’s not me… sometimes when I’m shopping I think I’m chic-er than I really am. Last year I bought this incredible Ferragamo bag – like incredible. I bought it instead of a Chanel bag and thought it was the most sophisticated thing ever. The ladies at the store kept telling me it was so New York… it was a city purse, what the city girls would carry. … I totally got suckered in and carried it for about 1 week. It was too huge, too heavy and just too much for everyday for me. My daughter was thrilled!
    Great post!

  41. Lol. What a funny story. You purchased it for the name and so did everyone else in the store. I guess you got caught up in the sell just like all of those folks who spend $10K on a B. bag.

    It has a Native American figure on it so I am not going to say it is ugly but I have seen better.

    By the way, I am with you on the price of the scarf. It cost too much. I make a good living and I still would not pay that much for a scarf unless scarves were really, really my thing. Funny story!

  42. i think you are supposed to fold or roll this scarf, so that only one of the designs is displayed at a time. Then you can tie it around your neck or as a belt, and it would look like you are wearing a different scarf every time. my guess is that this scarf was supposed to be an innovative concept that just didn’t catch on….

  43. I don’t mean to be rude, but I truly think that scarf is hideous. Wearing a scarf brings attention to the face, and I think you should choose a scarf by how it flatters your eyes or the color of your skin. Buy what you think is truly beautiful regardless of whether it is from Monoprix or Hermes. People notice how chic you look overall, not the fact that you are wearing a certain brand.

  44. Ok, I’ve never commented you before and don’t usually comment in English cause it’s not my first language, but this post was too good to just not comment 😀

    Am I the only one who actually LOVES LOVES LOVES that scarf??? It’s super cool! Like someone said earlier – I think it would look amazing wrapped around your neck… maybe just black outfit, no more colours. Oh yes. Give it to me if you don’t want it, I’ll wear it 😀

    (And no, I’m not a fashion freak, I don’t own anything that expensive… I just know my style and I would absolutely wear it and it would look great with my style!)

  45. Ok, I have been there! Different price range, but very similar stories…yes, more than once I have attempted to compromise my own tastes and style to cow tow to what is on the “up and up.” It is so easy to get caught up in it all. Personally the scarf appeals to me in my interest in color and pattern, but if it doesn’t appeal to you then it will either take years (waiting until your tastes change) or you’ll never truly like it. Just because I think it’s cute doesn’t mean you have to! 🙂 My suggestion is either frame it, sell it for what it’s worth and get a new one you’ll wear, or put it in the back of your closet and wait for it to grow on you.
    It is neat to have something “covetable,” but what’s it worth when you hate it? I ask myself the same thing after regretted purchases. Thank God for ebay and Buffalo Exchange!!

  46. Sorry, but I do not like it at all! The colors hurt my eyes and all these designs and color mixes clash in my view. i keep on wanting to pick a corner of each image thinking it’s a new scarf atop another one. Overload!!! Sell it on ebay (people will fight over it) and just get something simpler. In my view, less is more…

  47. I love Hermes scarves, and own several. This one isn’t one I’d care to own. Hope by now you’ve sold it, and perhaps purchased one that you’ll enjoy more. Loved your Birkin story, btw…

    Perhaps I’ll tell you about the time I joined up with a group of Hermes collectors in NYC… what a crew! Love the products, not so much the “groupies”.

  48. I’m with swedecollection: if it were not an Hermes, would you have bought such an ugly thing! It’s choatic, and as someone else said, they threw out their junk and knew the label would make people buy it just because it’s a Hermes. I detest tasteless junk…I could not afford the Birkin bag, but I wouldn’t if I could …instead of clamoring for something too expensive I have had it made for me. Nothing is created in a vacuum, so if you like it – have it made to your specifications-it’s the design after all.
    Jayne Penelope of Urban Safari

  49. It’s pretty hideous. Sell it on eBay then go back to the store and tell them you want a Brides de Gala or L’Arbre de Vie scarf.

  50. If you truely HATE it, then sell it as others have suggested, but FIRST find the blog Mai Tai and find her ‘carre en carre’ under her lists of scarves. This will show you how she wears it. She loves it and calls it her ‘Magic scarf’ as it can be folded to show-case any of the 5 different panels. It is very clever. You actually have 5 lovely scarves in 1. Are there any panels or colours at all in this scarf that you do LIKE. If so, fold to bring it to the top and enjoy.

  51. be happy it’s ugly sweetie …
    hermes always appreciates in value ..
    sell it with no regret & buy what you LOVE ..heeheehee

  52. The scarf is absolutely horrible,if i saw anyone wearing that I would think they have more money than sense/taste! Just because something has Hermes written on it that doesn’t make it fabulous!

  53. You COULD have returned it to the store – Hermes will accept exchanges if done in a timely manner. I love H scarves and have many, but I agree – that one is unattractive to say the least. My advice is to sell it, then go buy something you REALLY want.

  54. Wow what a great story. You were truly a fashion victim that day. I have had similar experiences (some too large gucci loafers that I wore out of Neiman Marcus 350.00 no return) that is why no matter what, I always force myself to wait a day. It works wonders. If I still like it the next day I buy it and always love it. So sorry at least it wasn’t the Birkin Bag!

  55. I think it’s lovely, but I have been collecting Hermes scarves lately to cover my chemotherapy induced baldness! There is quite an after-maket on eBay for shoppers like me who would appreciate this scarf and you can buy one YOU like!

  56. I love it! To me it’s a piece of art and not everyone likes everything. The colors are gorgeous and I love patterns! And I love Hermes so part of it is the collector mentality. Save it or sell and go buy yourself a classic Hermes that will make you happy.

  57. I like it. The oolors are beautiful and the way you fold and wrap it would make a lot of difference. Obviously you have to wear it with a very simple top but you should definitely try and experiment. I have often found that once I try to wear something I wasn’t sure about in a new way with garments or accessories that I am comfortable with, I actually begin to love it. I would never spend that much money on any scarf but if that design was affordable i would defenitely buy it.

  58. Here is my take on it. There are many, many ways to wear a Hermes scarf but the one main way is to fold and fold and fold the scarf then use it as a hair band, a belt, a neck tie….so, you have the ultimate scarf for that. Folded the right way, you have FOUR Hermes scarves!!!


  59. Hilarious. Although if you can’t sell it… with the right frame, this scarf could prove to be the perfect piece of art for an interior design challenge somewhere in your future. It would have a good story behind it!

  60. Hi, your scarf, as you probably know by now, is actually 5 different famous scarves from the Hermes Archives. The tiger with the palm fronds surrmounted by a crown, “Tigre royal,” was designed by Christiane Vauzelles in 1977 . The tiger’s gaze hints, according to the Hermes archives, “at the creature’s vision of humankind. The 1962 design, “Couvertures et tenues de jour,” by Jacques Eudel, is a grid of horse blankets formed by bridles, meant to bring to mind rather a horse fashion show. One of the most famous scarves of all time, issued in something like 36 different color-ways, is the center pattern, “Brides de gala” designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1957. Grygkar was a virtuoso at rendering the ideas of Robert Dumas, and was also responsible for the beautiful, “Ex Libris” scarf. Gala Bridles is a world-wide best seller, and references the house’s origins as saddler and harness-maker to the grandest stables. The bridle depicted is drawn from an original in the Emile Hermes collection which is decorated with mermaids, and was originally made for the Emporer of Mexico. The indian on your scarf is from a scarf called, “Pani la Shar Pawnee,” by Kermit Oliver, designed in 1984. This design alone requires 36 separate stages in the screen-printing process. Kermit Oliver is an American painter who specializes in portraits of Native American people, as well as wildlife, and his work is marvelous. Your scarf, was first visualized by Bali Barret for the 60th anniversary exhibition at the Paris Museum of printed Textiles. She cut up 5 famous scarves and reassembled them in the strips you see, and is meant to place great emphasis on how the scarf is tied. You can actually fold the scarf so that only one strip is visible, and the others are hidden, and wear it that way. Just fold the edges in and over until you only see one design. This way, you actually have 5 different scarves! The reason this scarf is so special is that each and every color on each scarf pattern must be screened separately. Imagine how many times your one scarf with 5 designs had to be screened. In addition, every one of those artists had to be paid a royalty, 5 artists, each time one scarf was sold. You did not get hoodwinked, unless you consider that you were talked into buying an amazing scarf which you did not at the time, understand the value of. 🙂 Have a wonderful time with your beautiful scarf!

  61. If I might add a few words…I have the same scarf.
    As some comments say, it is – a magical scarf!
    Truly work of art and try experimenting with it – it is sooo worth it!!!
    You will get some of the most fabulous combinations you can do with the scarf.
    It is completely different when on the table from when tied.! Jennings and Gates – thank you, you really described the artistic background so well.
    I would never sell mine, as it works wonders for my style. (P.S. It is to say that the colours on your photo are not realistic – more intense than in reality and some of them completely different, it makes it a bit odd, I think, make a better photo, please 🙂

  62. I keep thinking about your scarf and your unpleasant feelings towards the aesthetics of the scarf. When laid out it does appear a little bizarre. However, I think the magic in the scarf is probably wearing it. I bet the colors and design fold into a knot look very beautiful and unique. I think you should work on wearing it and enjoying it. I can see how it would disappoint as a belt. After all, if it is still being sold today in their stores, it must be a success.

  63. I agree with you. They could be prettier. But you are stuck as am I. I have 2 that I can’t stand purchased by my husband. I tried to exchange but was beat up verbally by a clerk. Will never buy one again and plan on having a well informed as in the entire south Florida informed burning of the 2 scarves. I’m of French heritage so this is a big deal in my family.but having me keep two scarves that I can’t stand is beyond belief.

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