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multicolored brown, blue and taupe chevron rug by Dwell Studio

The cool thing when you show at the New York International Gift Fair is your neighbors.  So many cool people behind the brands to get to know including my friends from Brahms Mount (fab cotton and wool blankets), Pom Pom at Home (gorgeous bed linens – one of my favorites), Home Source (wonderful bamboo sheets), Zicci Bea (stylish one stop bedding), Graced with Lace and Marigot (lovely pajamas and lounge wear) just to name a few. 

The other cool thing at the New York International Gift Fair is that sometimes your neighbors will allow you to order what buyers get to order.

I was lucky that happened in this case…with Dwell Studio.  Dwell Studio was on my same row at the fair and every day I had to pass by this cute rug.  Finally on the last day…just a half hour before the fair closed I ran up to the Dwell lady, panting…”I want that rug…I want that rug…!”  I now have that rug.  Waiting for it to be delivered in October.  Woohoo!  From what I understand…this rug is brand new to their collection.

A multicolored chevron rug – love a good zig zag rug.  It is a wool flat weave I believe and I bought it in a 5’x8′.  Though I have no idea where it will go in my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills (and need to keep it out of reach of my rug shoe anything on the floor eating 15lb Chin Poo (Japanese Chin Poodle Mix) named Mr. Boo)…I thought the brown, blue and taupe color might go somewhere in my house.  I’ll figure it out I’m sure.

So cute!

multicolored brown, blue and taupe chevron rug in Dwell Studio's booth at the New York International Gift Fair

What do you think of this rug?  Would you have taken it or left it?  If you take is your answer, where might it work in your own home?

Happy Tuesday!


Photos by Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. I would leave it. I love the colors but am not that into geometrics. I love more organic, softer, plantlike… this isn’t me, and is rather busy, but works nicely with the simple grey chair and ottoman.

  2. Coco I absolutely love this rug, adore chevron patterns and the color palette is beautiful!

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    Art by Karena

  3. how do i buy this rug? i have been struggling with how to decorate our nursery for twin boys. with one glimpse of this picture i could see the whole room coming together!

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