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A flea market on the banks of the Seine, a hotel with crystals embedded into the walls, a sneak peek inside the chic restaurant and store of Ralph Lauren and many many many random things that caught my eye along the streets in Paris.

This is today’s DESIGN GUIDE!

Now before you watch, three warnings:
1. Video skills at end of the post leave much to be desired. Some of the videos are so shaky you might get motion sick…and it is hard to hear my voice. I know…same question will come up…why post this then? I know.  May I say amateur?  Amateur might best describe the whole compiliation.  Not an audio/video master piece…but hopefully slightly amusing?!?!@#

2. I am not a decorator or designer, so this is the lay persons design tour of Paris.  Have to reiterate and caveat this point for the design pros who might watch this DESIGN GUIDE and be like “What in the world?…This is all that COCOCOZY girl found to talk about when she was in Paris…OMG…!”

3. Long…I know this too.  This is a long audio/video post.  Hopefully entertaining…or at least entertaining in a perplexing kind of way like, “Why would anyone do this?” type of way or “Why would this girl put all of these photos and videos together and post on Youtube…and then talk endlessly about them? Interesting…must watch to understand this creature.”   I tried to make it short…but I can’t seem to be brief. A problem. I know. I got it.  Need to practice not talking, or rambling, or chit chatting or even murmuring for a bit.  Sometimes I can tell my friends on the other end of the telephone line are stupefied by my ability to chit chat…in particular my guy friends who are at the other end of the spectrum of not chatting at all!

Okay.  So……..

I hope you enjoy (or at least get through it)!

Happy Tuesday!


All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. I was so lucky to be a tourist with you two years ago. Loved loved this lovely tour! My fave is the “Attention! Chien Mechant Maitre Feroce”–hahaha.

  2. This is fun! And don’t worry about whether other people think you’re inspired by the “right things” when you’re in Paris. Design is personal, and Paris has so much to offer that no two people are going to have the same experience and walk away with the same impressions.

    So are you in Paris now? I’m headed there next week for Maison et Objet. If you will be showing your CocoCozy line at M&O, let me know where to find your booth.

  3. I LOVE this post….seriously!! It reminds me of the online voice-over Bill Cunningham does for his weekly NYT’s column, On the Street (which I absolutely adore). I have never been to Paris, but plan to when my daughter is a little older. Thanks for the post, it gives me some great places to look forward to!!!

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