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Photos in this post by Coco of Cococozy
Green modern sofa from Ligne Roset
Ligne Roset – Ruche – approx. $4900 (Designed by Inga Sempe, this small sofa is made of a velvet quilted pad and wood frame. Can be upholstered in any fabric and frame comes in darker color)(above)

Just got back from New York! Spent the last 4 days in the city having a FANTASTIC time with friends. Stayed with AM and her husband JE as usual. On Sunday, yesterday, when cruising the city for design finds with AM, JE and their cute kids…I ran into this amazing settee or petite sofa of sorts.

I dashed into Ligne Roset on Wooster Street in Soho when I saw this modern looking velvet quilted chartreuse love seat in the front of the store. Was captivated by it. As I was taking pictures, I random older man, another customer, stood in front of my camera and said “Have you sat in it yet?” I replied “Good point…let me give it a try”. I sat and the man sat too. It was quite comfortable. So there I was on a beautiful spring day sitting on a small quilted sofa with a random man in a store in Soho. He and I waxed on about the fantastic design of this perfect modern love seat; he had many opinions on the color, the possible fabric choices, the lines etc. Since he had seemed to have already inquired about the sofa, I asked my fellow random man shopper, “Do you know how much this is?” Take note…this is where the story turns slightly or very strange… He said “I didn’t even ask and you don’t need to ask…you just need an older rich sugar daddy to buy it for you and then price won’t matter.” That’s when my moment on my perfect modern sofa turned very weird. The random customer man then made some kind of a joke about finding sugar daddies on Craigslist and another about a younger woman older man. Yikes. Yikes. And yikes. As I was getting more and more weirded out, I looked over to AM who was within earshot of this whole conversation but clueless as she was cooing at her cute daughter who was strapped into a stroller. Wasn’t quite sure what to say after all of that bizarre dialogue from the random customer guy…so as he continued pontificating about the sofa…I asked nervously and randomly, “Are you a designer?”(dumb question I know) He said, “No I’m in the criminal justice system”…then he walked out of the store. Sounds like a surreal dream perhaps…one imagined by Salvatore Dali – none of the scene making sense and all seeming a bit off. That’s what went down though…that’s what happened…my life…hmmmm….

Anyhooooooooo back to my lovely little sofa. Not even the strange man could taint my love for this cute couch!

Later, after the random customer guy left, I asked the salesperson about the sofa. He wouldn’t give me the exact price…but said it was over $4900 as it was on the showroom floor. The Ligne Roset sales guy also said that this sofa is NEW in the store and may be the ONLY ONE in the Western hemisphere(Hmmm….surreal or real. re: Western hemisphere part). I loved the sofa even before I knew it was the latest new thing and before I knew it was a rare sample!

Here is a look at this cute sofa from a few different angles.

Close up of a green modern sofa from Ligne Roset

Green modern sofa from Ligne Roset

Green modern sofa from Ligne Roset

What do you think of this quilted cute sofa? What color might you want to see it in?

Hope you have a great Monday!


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  1. Your story is priceless! I got my laugh for the day. The sofa is very unique…not quite my style for today, but in my fantacy world where I have multiple homes in different styles, this would be a winner. I’m thinking purple velvet….Of course, I can afford it in my fantacy world as well.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. The sofa wouldn’t be my choice for my home either although I am a big fan of Ligne Roset products. I would however, love to fall into this sofa done in a white velvet up at a ski chalet after a day on the slopes. Glass of wine in hand…better make that white wine.

  3. I like both the options named above…and would throw a deep gray in the mix as well…as I would be sure to stain that white one with my glass of red wine! šŸ™‚

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