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White COCOCOZY style board

My friends have repeatedly asked me, “What is your style?”.

Each time this allegedly “friendly” question comes up about my style, I go blank…totally blank…and then I feel like I’m metaphorically being pushed into a small corner with no room to move or breath…claustrophobia sets in and my mind begins to whirl (I may even lose consciousness for a bit when this question of my style comes up).

“My style?”, I think to myself and way too often say out loud, “Well…uhhhmmm…I like pretty things. You know? What do you mean my style? My style…hmmm….it’s a stylish style. Kind of. You know uhhm it is just uh like those things I like…you know you’ve seen what I like. Right? I like white but I like pops of color too. I like things with straight lines? I like things with curvy lines? I like some modern things…oh I mean furniture not things…right? I like traditional things…oops furniture. You know? Just cute things. You know. You know????”

The response to my panicked style rambling from these friends is usually the same, “No, actually, I don’t know”. Grrrrr……

When I’m feeling a bit more calm “my style” definition doesn’t come out much better. Here’s the calm and supposedly collected explanation of my style: “It is a new mix of several different styles. I call it a “timeless modern blend” – classic yet fun and fresh at the same time.” This definition is usually met with a look of utter confusion, someone changing the subject or with total awkward silence.

Okay…got it…I’ll hone my description at some point but until then I’ll just post these style boards. These are all images that I’ve posted over the years and some photos I’ve taken…when put all together they all encapsulate everything I love – my COCOCOZY STYLE!

Yellow COCOCOZY style board

Blue COCOCOZY style board

Green COCOCOZY style board

White COCOCOZY style board

Is it starting to make sense now? Your answer can be “no” btw…that will force me to go back to the drawing board on the written/verbal description of what I like…! 🙂

Anyhooo…hope you enjoy these images…hope it helps with a little bit of a visual definition of COCOCOZY STYLE.

See anything you like…or how about you try to define my style? Tell me what your style is too!


P.S. I swear, the DESIGNER ROOM RECREATE is coming…tomorrow…I promise. It is. I just got sidetracked with this “what is your style” thing because a friend asked me at least 4 times just last night…!

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  1. Well from looking at all the style boards, I would say you like “Traditional with a Modern Clean Line Slant”. All of the elements in all of the pictures are “Clean Lined Traditional”. Maybe that’s the best way to describe your style. Anyway, I love it. Love the pops of color too. Hugs, Marty

  2. All your images are so yummy! Its like design candy. Impeccable style. Very fresh. I love whites and other neutrals(graphite, dove grey, taupe, mocha), but also greens, yellows, and blues…anything that looks fresh, clean, and coastal. My style is a mix of things including modern, vintage, ethnic, travel, music, and nature-inspired, and industrial. I thought it was funny to see your post because I actually just posted something very similar about going through the whole “what is my style?” process. Your boards are beautiful- I even see a little party-girl in there with the mardi gras beads! I think it’s very clear what your style is and that is: fabulous. You can breathe a sigh of relief! 🙂 I bet you like milk-glass and Fire King Jadite. Am I right?

  3. Your blog post today made me LOL… for REAL! It sounds like the creative brain (including mine!) of most interior designers… here’s one thought…. but here’s another…. oh, and a bee flew by…. and I need to brush the dog… but wait, about that room we were talking about… what was I saying again?! HA! I completely understand what you mean about not being able to totally verbalize your style. We designers think “outside the box”, so it’s hard to put us in one! Your blog is FAB, by the way!

  4. I loved this post!! You have an amazing design aesthetic!! Contemporary with some old world lines in furniture with pops of color!!You need some straight lined contemp.pieces but also a touch of the old with fresh color added!! It got me to thinking about a couple of post I did in Jan. You might like to read them.First read this one and take the test

    Next read this one:

    Let me know what you think???

  5. Nice dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

  6. Your photos are gorgeous. The description that come to mind is Modern European Eclectic. If I had multiple houses for my multiple personality styles, I would love to have a house in this style in a warm climate like Miami. Since I can only afford one house until I hit the big jackpot (positive thoughts), my style is French European, a la John Saladino, with a little Rachel Ashwell thrown in. I’ve struggled trying to pin that down too, because a lot of the photos I choose are different from the treasues I bring home.

  7. Love the style boards. Completely understand “timeless modern blend” AND how difficult it is to explain this type of style…here’s my go at it: modern + traditional = MODitional (a blend of modern clean lines with a twist of timeless traditional pieces). Still needs work!

    You should open a shop with a mix of all these “things”!!!

  8. I feel the same way. But why do we have to pin ourselves down to one thing when there are so many different beautiful ‘styles’ out there?
    Love your photos and your blog!

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