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Living room in a cottage with black and white striped rug, white sofa, armchair and ottoman with black and white striped accent pillows and a black coffee table

I like this little renovated 1904 fisherman’s cottage on Shelter Island. Very cute to me! The decor here is bold but it only involves two colors…black and white…I think it works and is done very right.

Am loving the kitchen with the floor to ceiling chalkboard wall the most! What a great idea!

Alternative view of a living room in a cottage with black and white striped rug, white sofa, armchair and ottoman with black and white striped accent pillows, a black coffee table and a fake window

Black and white dining room in a cottage with a light wood floor, table with black legs and a marble top, black chairs with white and black graphic print seats, a dark wood bench, black chandelier, white cabinet and french doors

Black and white kitchen with floating shelves, white cabinets and drawers, black counter tops, an island with white legs and a black top surrounded by black stools and a floor to ceiling chalkboard

Happy happy happy Friday!


P.S. Trying to pull together another giveaway for next week!

Photos: Schappacher White Ltd.

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  1. OMG, I’m in love with this cottage! Our house is black, white, and then a color in each room, some red, blue, yellow, but I love the purity of just black and white. I have learned to stay away from black wood furniture though, the dusting is tremendous.

  2. Absolutely adore this charming cottage. They managed to make it feel cozy yet modern and chic at the same time. Shelter Island is a deceptively stylish place – a low key little island that is home to a very chic crowd.

  3. Pretty, but I would have liked to have seen the windows framed in black paint as well to really “frame” the beautiful greenery views outside! Love this site…thanks for sharing…DGL in Toronto…wishes she were in LA.

  4. I love the black accents. I was never a fan of black but I’m seeing it everywhere lately and it’s winning me over. I used to think it would be too dramatic but it looks cool and clean.

  5. I absolutely adore a black and white themed room. It seems so simple, yet classic…possibly my new livingroom/dining room combo inspiration! Great post CoCo!

  6. I agree with Jo- the kitchen is THE BEST. I always have to have a black board in my kitchens.
    Maybe it’s a nostalgia thing, as I was such a good student in school?! (not)
    I love the idea of doing a whole wall in black board paint- I’ve been toying with the idea for ages- 2011 might just be the year!
    Happy Holidays!

  7. That chalkboard wall…YES!!!

  8. Thanks for this post reviewing they ways one could successfully use black and white in the interior designs. I think the chosen pieces of furniture helps to achieve the intended look in these rooms.

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