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Tablescape at a Santa Barbara wedding designed by Yifat Oren
The gorgeous tablescape at a Santa Barbara area wedding designed by event planner Yifat Oren (above)

Uhm…I want to get married. I do. Really I do. I do. Yooohoooo. Is it weird though that as of right now because there is not even an inkling of who might be Mr. COCOCOZY, I would like to get married to have a gorgeous party like this! I know it is weird. I want to get married to have a wonderful reception? Well I figure until I meet a cool guy and I feel so compelled to get married for the right reason – love – I’m looking at marriage as a wonderful excuse to have a great party and all of your family and friends around you and to wear a pretty dress (I forgot one other variable…the hypothetical cool guy would have to ask me to marry him in order for there to be a marriage…I am traditional in this area). Maybe, once I meet the guy, marriage to me will be about a loving relationship…and a great party of course.

These images come from renowned wedding planner and good friend the ever so chic Yifat Oren.

Yifat is widely considered one of the top wedding and event producers in the nation having planned the nuptials of stars such as Mariska Hargitay, Kevin Costner and Jason Bateman.

These lovelies are pictures of posh wedding she planned up in Montecito, CA a few springs ago. Wow. I would like this party. Hmmmm….how can I wrangle Yifat to plan a wedding for me on an unknown date and to an unknown guy…? Need to figure out this puzzle and I’ll get back to you.

From a design perspective though, I love the way Yifat “decorates” a wedding. J’adore her lush tablescape filled with flowers and vessels of different heights and sizes – all creating wonderful visual interest while not overtaking the dining table. Her centerpieces are exquisite collages that ooze elegance and charm.

Tablescape at a Santa Barbara wedding designed by Yifat Oren

Tablescape at a Santa Barbara wedding designed by Yifat Oren

My babble aside about my very hypothetical marriage…now to serious stuff…

Calling all brides…real brides…(not fictional “brides” like me)…. (oh and grooms too)…

Yifat has partnered with Crate & Barrel on a $100,000 wedding giveaway! One lucky winner will get the chance to have Yifat plan a gorgeous dream wedding for them.

The contest is called Crate & Barrel’s Ultimate Wedding Contest…and it is going on now.

So fab…an Yifat planned wedding…it is my dream…good luck to any of those of you who do enter…or tell your friends who are getting married to enter so that you can possibly attend a fantastic event.

Oooohhh just thought of someone I think should enter…yooohoooo AZ and TG…enter…enter…enter…

lounge area at a Montecito spring wedding reception with upholstered Louis armchairs and setteesdesigned by Yifat Oren

Yifat designed a sophisticated lounge area at the Montecito spring wedding reception…allowing guests to mingle in an outdoor living room setting complete with upholstered Louis armchairs and settees! (above)

Beautiful three layer wedding cake with flowers on a mercury cake stand
The cake! (above)
Yifat Oren
Celebrity wedding planner, Yifat Oren (and my friend…of course must insert me into everything…LOL) (above)

Thank you to Yifat (and to her wonderful husband Jonny Cutler) for these amazing pictures. While I don’t have an immediate need for a wedding, I can dream can’t I? I can dream.

How did you “decorate” your wedding…or how will you “decorate” your wedding? Any cool ideas on table settings or flowers you might want to share. Please do.

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Totally get it. Why don’t you throw a party in honor of something else in the meantime til you meet that perfect person? A “I haven’t married the wrong guy bash”, birthday, or perhaps your new line 🙂 I’d hop a flight from Charleston to come.

  2. Great post! And funny, too. I am a fictional “bride”, too, so I can completely relate. Waiting for Mr. Right will be worth the wait if I have something like Yifat’s designs to look forwart to. Her style is exactly what I am looking for- simple, stylish, and breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! I have never seen, even in magazines, a setting so beautiful. But no one would be looking at the bride! What an artist Yifat is.
    You must find a man brave and strong enough to take your name. Mr. Cococozy would be honored, and easy to search for on Facebook.

  4. Hehee..I just heard Oprah say the other day that people should just throw themselves a big party instead of getting married..Don’t get me wrong…I’m all for marriage…but why not have a decade party..

  5. I loooove weddings, well the “decorating” part, I got married 10 yrs. ago, WOW, all of a sudden I feel vey old. Anywho, I still love to see amazing settings, table scapes, and cakes! Thanks. I still look back on mine and get giddy. It was in an atrium full of lush flowers and plants. we had two long tables with a head table for the wedding party and the food was a buffet in the middle of room with the cake at the very center. It was Lord of the Rings meets Elizabeth. Thanks for letting me reflect, put a smile on my face for the day!!!

  6. That wedding IS pretty fabulous. I love all the outdoor Louis style furniture. Of course, wedding planning is super fun. Mine was great. But you have to make sure to marry a guy who doesn’t have a super meddling mother, otherwise wedding planning could be a nightmare.

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