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Okay. So I am back a week later with my second audio/video post! Thank you so much to all of you who watched my first audio picture post this week and thank you for your comments! Was so happy to see that over a thousand of you got to hear me bumbling around trying out an audio design post! Woohooo!

Some caveats (warnings) before you view this next multimedia post. 1) Had some issues with the editing as you will see (choppy). 2) This is video is chock full of photos (long). 3) I repeat some words a million times (count “simple”, “cool”, “great”, “kind of”, “really”, “uhm”(if that is a word), “like” (used as filler) and did I mention “simple”)….

Basically I could either call this “video” a hi-tech wonder and pat myself on the back for editing in all of those pictures…or I could liken it to a preschool slide show where the teacher stands and presses a button on an old fashioned slide projector and talks about pictures. For fun and because it is Saturday…I will call it a hi-tech wonder…but just be clear…I know a spade when I see one.

Oh and you’ve got to at least get to the part where my computer battery dies…yup…a true pro.  During most of the audio recording I was stumbling…was at a loss of adjectives besides the word “cool”…and proved to myself I have a chit chatting issue in that I just kept on talking for 12 minutes straight!  I don’t think I’ll be hired by CNN to report the news of the day any time soon…no 2 minute stories for me!

Anyhoooo…in this DESIGN GUIDE I do the design drill down on a NYC hotel room…straight from the very cool (there’s that word again) Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca. It is a small boutique hotel with just 88 rooms and is owned by actor Robert Deniro. It also houses one of the city’s most popular restaurants Locanda Verde

I took all of these photos!

Okay enough of the written word. Take a listen and look at this design tour of sorts. You’ve got to see the amazing bath!

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think of this installment! Do you like or do you hate? Too many pictures or not enough? Too long (no need to answer that one I will…yes…)? Too short (no need to answer this one either…no…)? See anything you love?  Please weigh in!

Happy Saturday!



  1. What a great place to stay Coco. I love it!!I think more hotels should have hardwood floors!

    Love the decor here!


    Art by Karena

  2. Hi ~ Love the way you gave us the tour from entry to bath and then out again, love the closeup features of the mosaic pattern and the tufted bench upholstery. By chance do you have a pic of the water closet or toilet? Would love to see that final component of the bath. Please post it if you do. GREAT video, ummmm, yeah, GREAT! ;-}

  3. Hi Coco,
    I really loved your video. It’s so nice to hear the person behind the site. Your video is very informative & interesting. What a great idea, keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to hearing from you again. I am an Interior Designer from Melbourne Australia and have travelled to New York twice. I just love visiting the States and would love to visit one of the Furniture fairs in America.
    Thank you from Australia

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