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Three brightly colored pillows in a vintage Goyard steamer trunk
I took this photo a few years ago of a vintage Goyard steamer trunk in a window in a NYC boutique. (above)

Label lovers here’s one for you…find a nice vintage signature piece of vintage luggage from Goyard, Vuitton or Gucci and repurpose it into a decorative accent – luggage as furniture. Just as in your wardrobe selection…a little of this designer flair goes a long way. A steamer trunk makes a great coffee table, bench or side table…smaller cases can be used for high style decorative storage…and a large vintage designer signature fabric covered wardrobe is my dream – it can act as storage but can also just be propped up in a corner to add texture, character and visual interest to a space.

Many of these patterns are timeless and blend well with so many styles.

Apparently this vintage logo luggage  is so popular that many stores can’t keep them in stock…when I called over today…they said their steamer trunks come in the door and then go right out!

Vintage wardrobe made of vinylized canvas, leather trim, brass
Mantiques Modern – Goyard Wardrobe in Ridiculously Good Condition – $6800 (circa 1940. Vinylized canvas, leather trim, brass)(above)
Louis Vuitton luggage being used as storage on a ledge in a tiled bath
Newer Louis Vuitton luggage provides storage on a ledge in a tiled bath. (above)

display in Pom Pom with their throws, pillow and a violin in a Louis Vuitton suitcase
One of my favorite stores in L.A., Pom Pom, features their throws, pillow and a violin in a Louis Vuitton suitcase in a store display…I took this photo last year. (above)

vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk
A vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk from Mantiques Modern – Sold before I could post about it! (above)

Bedroom with a Louis Vuitton trunk at the end of an arch upholstered bed
A bedroom in the home of television star Ellen Degeneres boasts a Louis Vuitton trunk at the end of an arch upholstered bed. (above)

Would you spend on vintage designer luggage as decor? Do you like this look or don’t like?  Do tell.  Be honest!

Let’s see…so far for my redo…the Casamidy mirror, a Goyard wardrobe…what else?

Happy Friday. Happy Good Friday. Good Passover. If you have the day off, happy holiday. Hope you enjoy the day.


P.S. Have CM helping me out today on COCOCOZY…he’s coming on board to help out while I look for an assistant and a few interns. He’s so wonderful.

P.P.S. Still collecting resumes for the COCOCOZY assitant position. Please email me and I’ll get a job description over to you. I hope to make a decision in the next two weeks. My email is [email protected] So exciting combing through the great resumes I’ve received so far.

P.P.P.S. I’m taking my mom on a field trip today to see where my fabric is printed! Feel like a kid who is in elementary school proudly giving their mother a tour of their classroom. Things change but some ways always stay the same!

Photos: Coco of COCOCOZY; Tamzin Greenhill; Coco of COCOCOZY; Architectural Digest


  1. yes sure, I have an antique conner in my home where I have placed few more pieces along with a small vintage box, and is much commended.

  2. I have a stack of suitcases as an endtable in my living room. It is great for storing seasonal items and a sachet of activated charcoal keeps items from getting musty!

    Laurl of

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