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New York apartment with floor to ceiling black trimmed windows, a large trunk serving as a coffee table, white sofa with ikat print pillows, and dueling arms chairs
A New York apartment with floor to ceiling black trimmed windows features an eclectic design with a mix of patterns and  just the right colors. (above)

It is starting…you know the whole “to inspire” part of my New Year’s resolution. As you might of read a few days ago, this year I’m trying to inspire my COCOCOZY friends to dream big.  The added benefit is that hearing stories of how COCOCOZY readers are inspired by something here on the blog or by my stories of running my less than year old textiles and home furnishings company, is truly inspiring to me.  I didn’t realize though that this circle of inspiration would have so much of an immediate return…

Okay…here’s the scoop…

On January 1st (just a few days ago), the day after I wrote my New Year’s resolution post, I got a sweet email from a COCOCOZY reader…here’s what it said:

“Hi Coco!

I read your blog every week and just LOVE what you are doing!!! I just started my own interior design business and plan on launching my new website in the New Year. I am also attempting a blog and was really inspired reading your post on your triumphs for 2011 and resolutions for 2012. It actually helped to give me a boost on putting myself out there! Anyway, I do not usually do this, but I wanted you to say thank you for the inspirational words!….

All my best and Happy New Year!

Jenny Wolf”

The subject line for the email was “Thank you” and it came from New York interior designer Jenny Wolf of her eponymous Jenny Wolf Interiors firm.

Of course, I had to look at Jenny’s portfolio and to my delight her work is absolutely lovely.  I emailed Jenny and asked her for a few hi-res photos and here we are…tah dah…

So I guess Jenny is at the beginning of starting her interior design business and she has a few wonderful spaces to show off.  These images come from two different New York city apartments.  Both, feature an eclectic mix of furnishings but all pieces work so nicely together.  Jenny manages to work extremely well with architecture in each space…whether it be floor to ceiling paned windows or exposed brick throughout a loft…I like what she’s done with these two spaces.

Blue and white plates being used as wall decor

Dining room with floor to ceiling windows with black trim, no curtains, mixed chairs, a traditional wood table, a light build chandelier, wooden cabinet with glass doors and decorate plates on the wall

Close up of dining room centerpiece with pink flower, succulents, and reclaimed wood table

Living room with exposed brick wall, chandelier, large windows, white sofa with matching armchair and two white Louis XIV chairs
A 1400 square foot 2 bed loft space in an old warehouse has been restored for a family. The space features great architectural details including 11 foot ceilings and exposed brick.  In an industrial eclectic style mixing traditional and modern, Jenny successful weaves in antique rugs and Gustavian furniture along with the newer pieces. (above)

Bathroom with vintage cast iron tub, Perrin & Rowe fixtures and reclaimed white oak floors
Love this bath with its vintage cast iron tub, Perrin & Rowe fixtures and reclaimed white oak floors. (above)

Well I am so thrilled that Jenny is making her dreams of running her own interior design business come true!  To inspire and to be inspired is working…wow…that is quick turn around!

Keep up the fantastic work Jenny.  It will take some doing to build but my biggest piece advice is to just hang in there and as my sister always tells me, “just keep doing what you are doing”…you are on the right track!

What do you think of Jenny’s work?  Which of these spaces do you like best?  Find anything inspiring here?

Happy Thursday!


Photos: Emily Gilbert Photography

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  1. Jenny’s work is lovely! She is an inspiration!

  2. I love this space 🙂 The bathtub and faucet are beautiful, the windows are beautiful ! The textures and colors used are cozy and inviting 🙂

  3. Absolutely Amazing! Congratulations Jenny! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! From the looks of this…it will be pretty incredible…and busy!

  4. I like the plates on the wall, the graphic b&w print on the stool and the chest coffee table. I like the double rugs in the family place. And the bathroom – I can’t say enough about it – I want to be in it!

  5. Jenny has the most calm, inviting, sophisticated color palette in each space. I can not wait to hire Jenny some day soon! Just love her work! Elizabeth

  6. Really inspired by both, your blog Coco, and Jenny’s portfolio. The pure delight in creativity is uplifting. I’m especially moved by the simple connection made and the results that occur when the “stars align” so to speak…. Gives me the motivation to continue with my dream of travel and importing inspiring souvenirs. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. Can’t wait to see how you transform our space, Jenny. So excited to get started on the project this month! Congrats!

  8. I must say, I am so happy to see when people in the same field come together to support and promote eachother. I am just beginning my journey into the field of interior design via education, and it makes me smile to see this kind of support in the community. Thank you both for the inspiration to follow my dreams.

  9. Have you stopped blogging?? Your posts just seem to stop in early January. I just discovered this blog, and I really like it! I hope it’s not done for good!

  10. I am dying to know more about those blue and green plates. The picture circulated on Pinterest. What’s the style? Maker? Pattern names?

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