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Bright living room in Copenhagen with a black sofa and leather chairs

5 people live in this house turned loft in Copenhagen.  Two adults and their young children.  I like this home.  Shows that kid friendly living in a small space can be quite stylish.

When this Danish couple bought the flat it apparently was one story…as they had more children they had to grow their space…so they grew it up…creating an upstairs loft area with two kids rooms.

Danish kitchen with stainless appliances, blue floor and silver pendant lights
White stairs to the second floor with built in book cases
Bight kids bedroom with bunk beds and hardwood floor
Bright white girls loft bedroom with dark wood dresser
Dining room in a Danish home with blue chairs and stained wood cabinets
White modern Danish bedroom with raised bed

Such a cute home!  What does family friendly style mean to you?  Do you like this look?

Happy Friday!


P.S.  Had a grand dinner last night at Soho House with best of friend AM, her hubby JE, my cute sis DS, dear friends BN and SN, JE’s brother and AM’s sister.  TE stopped in for drinks early on…he looked cute…he’s training for a marathon so he is getting very slender…note to self: stop eating because can’t have boyfriend TE be anywhere within 30lbs of my weight!  Also ran into dear dear pregnant friend AG…she was with cutie WH and KM.  Such a fun night…good friends all around!  At one point I may have ran over to AG and WE’s table and blurted out how much I weigh in front of their guy friend.  Don’t ask me why.  I know.  OSS (Over sharing syndrome) kicked in once again.

Photos: Bolig

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  1. It’s a lovely conversion from a mere loft into a home that shows both personality and functionality. I love the way they used every tiny bit of space to either hang photos or put a mattress in. It goes to show our limitations are only in our heads 🙂 Wonderful inspiration.

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