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hot pink living room classic architecture crown molding decorative panel windows
An all hot pink living room! (above)

Fearless home decorating…would you be able to take the plunge and dive right in and decorate rooms like this?  Makes an incredibly powerful statement…rather playful and fun too.  But could you actually imagine daring yourself to design without fear.

A hot pink living room,  A bathroom bathed in black and white even in the sink bowl basin.

“Wow” is all I can say!

Very eye catching (an understatement really).  A little scary to actually imagine taking design risks like these.  Could you do it?

black white floor to ceiling mosaic tile bath bathroom vanity ceramic wall faucet
Black and white tiled bathroom with a twist. (above)

Are you design daring?  Could you do it?  Please weigh in on comments below.

I wish I had 4 houses.  In one of those houses, I would definitely be fearless (have the decor outlined for the other 3 already!).  As of right now, I simply have one very tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills…so cannot completely put fears aside…but I can dream.  I would do the black and white bathroom.  Would leave the hot pink living room for my best of friend AM!

Happy Saturday!


Photos: Agent Bauer/Lo Bjurulf


  1. wow..I appreciate daring. I think i could only live with the hot pink for perhaps a month. Treat it like an installation. The other is more livable.

  2. I am definitely more daring than my husband as far as home decor. If he wasn’t always opposed to change, I’d be doing crazy things all the time.

    Actually, I think it would be easier to be daring when fixing up a house. We built our house new and only plan to be here for a couple more years, so I’m more hesitant to go bold her. But when we downsize and hopefully buy a fixer-upper, I hope I’ll get the opportunity to take chances and do something that makes a big statement. After all, it can only be better than what was there before, right?

  3. I think I’m to the point where I would be that daring–as long as I didn’t get eyestrain. And the pink is already giving me a little headache….the bathroom is fantastic. Thanks for the mental pushups.

  4. Bold & beautiful ~ would guess it is a young person who took the plunge which is what being young is all about. I am daring but now older. At this stage of my life I find it easier to take risk with fabric & finishes; more flexibility. I love change so makes it more affordable.

  5. Yes, This CAN work but perhaps with Mid century furniture in Grand scale & some BOLD COCOCOZY pillows & Fabulous drapery. It would totally be Glam Rock Chic.

  6. I wish I had 4 houses as well! Each one would be different! I love to be daring in design and many of my own rooms are daring. But, when it comes to my clients…many of them are afraid if color! I give the daring ones the confidence to know that they will really love their home even more…if they take the color plunge.

    But my persuasion doesn’t always work – but the clients are happy nonetheless.


    I love that pink room!!! Gorgeous!

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