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Open kitchen and dining area with high ceilings, carved moldings, grey walls, a fireplace, a grey china cabinet, white cabinets and drawers and a butcher block topped island with wood bench style seating

I struggle with my love of opposing aesthetics…modern vs. traditional.

For example, I love this more traditional open kitchen and dining area just as much as I love the one I posted yesterday that was more modern. Well I guess my taste is like yin and yang…they go together to a certain extent…clean modern balances out the sometimes fanciful flourish of the traditional and conversely traditional softens the sometimes harder lines of the modern.

Anyhooooo…enough of my treatise on modern and traditional decor and design.

All of this to say, I LOVE this traditional space from New York City design maven Sheila Bridges. High ceilings, carved moldings, a soothing grey palette and regal but relatable furnishings. The kitchen is simple and white with a subway tile backsplash, marble counters, paneled cabinetry and a butcher block topped island.

Enjoy yet another kitchen and dining area in my unplanned KITCHEN WEEK (will plan next time and actually call it officially KITCHEN WEEK)!

Kitchen with high ceilings, white wood paneled cabinets and drawers, a subway tile backsplash, marble counters, stainless appliances, and a butcher block topped island

Grey dining room with high ceilings, carved moldings, a grey china cabinet, large windows and a wood table surrounded by matching chairs

Happy Thursday!


P.S. And oh what a happy Thursday it has been. Will update y’all in the a.m.!

Photo: Sheila Bridges


  1. I share your pain over the opposing styles and fear it leads to an unfocused jumble in my home, rather than the sanctuary of tranquility I desire.

  2. Absolutely stunning! My dream kitchen when my kids leave home!

  3. I think we all live with this struggle in design — what delights the eye vs. what works in our real lives.
    The trad vs. the mod, etc.
    This is a lovely blending.


  4. Love it, even though I really don’t know what kind of people lives a house like that?

    How can you afford it????

    By the way, check out my photography for home decor and art print on :

    Might be one or two is your thing!

  5. Ooooooooooo Myyyyyyyyyyy!
    I struggle with that too sometimes!!

    Great post as always!

    Check out the new GIVEAWAY on my blog…xoxokpb

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