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close up of black, white and silver line klein holiday display on a fireplace mantel with silver miniature christmas trees and candles

I don’t have a mantel. I have kind of a fireplace stove thing in my living room in my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills.

Since I don’t have a mantel, I really want one…a problem of mine…wanting things I don’t have!

Anyhooo…when I saw these images of these two mantels below…made me wonder what direction I would take with decorating a mantel if I had one. Would I go modern like the clean white and black look of the this first mantel below…or would I go more traditional with greenery and more of classic holiday look like the dining room photo at the bottom?


black, white and silver line klein holiday display with a fireplace, on the mantel there are silver miniature christmas trees and candles

michael graydon's rustic dining room with wicker host chair and green holiday garland over a large white fireplace

Which of these two mantels do you prefer? I think I’m leaning towards the more modern…love the little metal Christmas trees and the bit of silver sparkle…but I do like the warmth of the traditional mantel too.

Please weigh in!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Great dinner last night at Soho House with CM and JW.  A fantastic time!  Good to catch up in the middle of this hectic holiday season.

P.P.S.  Happy 12/12/12!

Photos: Line Klein; Michael Graydon


  1. Sure, if you are Anna Wintour that first one is great. It could not be more cold and dreary. That should be retail decoration at most. The second one is much warmer and pleasant.

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