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All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

So just Wednesday night I ended up at another posh design event. This one was a party thrown by Veranda Magazine in honor of mega interior designer Windsor Smith and the unveiling of The House of Windsor.

Wasn’t quite clear what House of Windsor was when I RSVPd for the event. I had run into Windsor a few months back at another event where she had mentioned this concept house she was working on but really didn’t understand the magnitude of what she was doing.

It turns out Windsor Smith has conceptualized and built a gorgeous 8,000 square foot house from the ground up and then asked her chic designer friends like Candace Barnes, Kathryn M. Ireland, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Peter Dunham, Richard Shapiro and many others to design the rooms. The luxury home was designed for a modern family. Windsor had a specific type of family in mind when designing the house…a family that likes luxury but wants their home to be warm and inviting and functional.

I am in awe of what Windsor has done here. She is amazing. If I had a stunning home, I would want Windsor to have her hand in making it a gorgeously livable space. Am always debating who my design idols are…usually it is just Jonathan Adler…lately my best friend AM and I have decided we love Mary McDonald (had a quick hello with her at the party too)…but today, because she pulled off this amazing home with great style and aplomb, Windsor Smith wins hands down as my design idol! (not that Windsor would care what I think…but I care what I think…and I think she is FANTASTIC…also very nice….she spent a good bit of time chatting with me and my little group…she is oh so friendly, personable and clearly very talented)

House of Windsor courtyard with crushed gravel

Anyhoooo…I arrived (late of course) (was stuck at home debating between a tight blue sophisticated dress and a classic little black dress with peep toe heels…went with the LBD as usual). We were told to park in some remote location and then were shuttled up to a house right off of Mandeville Canyon Road here in Los Angeles. When I walked into the courtyard…a crushed gravel courtyard (my dream), I knew this house was going to be spectacular.

JD and EJJ came with me – nice to have two very cute guys escorting me to the event. When I arrived it seemed that JD only wanted to socialize, I was twitching and itching and smiling nervously at the people we were talking to…all I could think was “I have to walk around this house…I can’t wait to see the room….arrrghhhhh…I don’t want to meet another person…no I don’t want a glass of champagne (wait something is wrong here…I always want a glass of champagne…I must be in a design delirium…I’ve got to see this house)”. Finally, without saying a word to JD and the people we were talking to, I just took off…teetering across the green lawn in my heels, practically running, clutching my camera and heading full steam ahead…practically salivating in anticipation of seeing some amazing interior design.

I actually started in a barn area…a stable behind the house which was furnished.  Well a bunch of television “personalities” from Bravo were blocking my view of the room while they were taking pictures there so I huffed off from the stable and then headed into the side of the house.

This was the first room I saw…the family room and den…I don’t know which designer did the room…because I was so excited just to be in the house…but I love this den.  The large fireplace, the neatly arranged built in book shelves with so many interesting books, accessories and collectibles, and the modern white sofas and the leather Barcelona-like club chairs.

Family room in the Windsor house with Barcelona club chairs, built in bookcases, a fireplace, a large ottoman doubling as a coffee table, a striped rug and Greek coloums
Family room in the windsor house with white built in bookshelves, a large piece or art in a white frame, Barcelona club chairs, a white ottoman, a fireplace and a large vintage mirror in a gold frame
Tortoise shell hung on a built in bookshelf as a piece of art in the Windsor house
Close up of a piece of art in the Windsor house's family room. It's of a woman in a wood chair holding a red book and wearing a red hat. The piece is in front of a the built in bookshelves and above the what Barcelona club chairs
Close up of a black tray on the patterned ottoman. On the tray are prayer beads, candles, assorted bottles and a cup full of white hydrangeas
The family room in the Windsor house with a striped rug, white built in bookshelves and a patterned ottoman doubling as a coffee table

Then it was onto the rest of the house…down a hallway with a checkerboard black and white marble floor – a classic.

Hallway in the Windsor House with a black and white checkerboard marble floor

This show house is open from July 1-17. You should go. I tell you. You should go if you are in Los Angeles.

For those of you not in L.A., I’ll show off a few more rooms here on COCOCOZY!

Congratulations Windsor!  What a spectacular home.  Wow is all I can say.

Happy Friday! Hope you have fun plans for the long weekend!


P.S.  You can see more of the House of Windsor in the rest of my series on this fabulous showhouse including: Part 2 – on an elegant little white bathroom; Part 3 – about the sitting room/study with animal print walls; and,  Part 4 – features a fabulous gold baby room!

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

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  1. Whoa and wow! I just love all of the designers involved in this project and from the few tantalizing glimpses you’ve so kindly given us, I would adore the whole house. I’m with you on the crushed gravel driveway. There’s something about the simplicity of that look that always gets my attention. I have extreme gravel envy. I love the lack of foundation plantings, too, and the simple containers with boxwood. I wouldn’t expect such exquisite restraint in L.A., and I love it. I’m going online right now and finding a cheap ticket from Florida to L.A.!

  2. I like the designers involved in the project but I’d have to say I’m not impressed in the decorating thus far. Maybe you have to be there to appreciate it since it’s hard to capture in a picture. Plus I’m sure there is probably a lot more house to show. Those metal brackets behind the bookcases would drive me crazy though. That’s all I see when I look at that room.
    I used to have a gravel driveway and I do not miss it, it’s a pain with the kids, animals, snow and when you wear heels… I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the house though and I love your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My goodness, I am salivating over that gorgeous oversized ottoman!! Lucky you, I so wish I could see it in person.

  4. I loved loved the entire project. I agree that you have to be there in person to really appreciate the whole concept. I was lucky to go and be part of it. Windsor, herself did the family room. It was a great space!!! Also the master suite (which of course I am bias since I work for the designer Candace Barnes).

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