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Have a small living space? Here is a design solution for making it bigger.

It’s simple…create an outdoor living space on an adjacent patio and mirror what is going on inside.

I like this small 2 bedroom home on the island of Majorca, Spain.  The owners took a very small open floor plan living room, dining room, kitchen combo and increased the size by using the outdoor space wisely.

Conventional design floor planning would probably have the furniture on the patio facing the garden.  In this case, the owners faced the outdoor furniture in towards the house…so when the large sliding glass doors are open…the conversation area of the living room is doubled!

Good idea I think!

The pretty much all white interior makes this small open floor plan living area seem larger…love the use of  natural materials like the tree stump stools and sea grass rug combined with the modern furniture. (above)

FLOOR PLAN (below)

The public living areas are to the right…the outdoor space almost doubles the size of the living room! (above)

To see the rest of this home click here.

What do you think of this design idea?  Any tricks you might have to grow a living room without doing a full remodel?  Please comment below!

Happy Wednesday!


Photos: Mi Casa Revista


  1. Love love love…. Ours is an older style home, not dissimilar to the plan above (except we have three b/r). Currently in the throes of renovation we have thought of doing this… Opening up the front living room into the pool/front entertaining area, and kitchen/meals onto a back patio (where we have a large garden)… This will effectively double the living space and create an indoorsy/outdoorsy vibe which lends itself well to the Australian climate.

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