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All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY

Blue grey dresser with three drawers and brass pulls at Chelsea Textiles in Atlanta

So was introduced to Chelsea Textiles for the first time in Atlanta. Their showroom was about 4 doors down from the Christian Mosso & Associates Showroom (I showed the COCOCOZY collection to buyers this past week at Christian Mosso…what a fantastic experience).

On a break from my showroom, I was wandering the halls of the Atlanta Mart (a huge complex with a million furniture and design showrooms) with a friend and he took me into Chelsea Textiles so he could talk business with the owner. I didn’t want to talk business…I wanted to look around! I fell in love with all the lacquered furniture from a company with the word “textiles” in its name. Go figure.

I particularly coveted this little wood three drawer blue grey dresser with brass pulls (I didn’t really love the pulls and asked if there were other options…I was told that the pulls come with the dresser as is).  I like the lines, I love the high gloss lacquer finish, the soft blue gray reminds me of old buildings in Philadelphia for some reason (I know strange), a traditional piece with a modern finish!  I like the flared legs too.

The dresser retails for about $2000.

Close up of a brass drawer pull

What do you think of this little piece?  I’ll try to post a few others on COCOCOZY Facebook for you to see and to weigh in on too. Please give me until the morning for that.

Now am in New York! Staying at the fabulous Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca. Will share photos of my sweet suite (or room).   Am very very happy here!

A belated Happy Tuesday (I say belated because I usually try to post earlier in the day for the East Coast…but was on a plane from Atlanta to NYC)!


P.S.  Had a nice dinner at Local Three in Atlanta last night with my wonderful friend JH who drove in from South Carolina to see me and then tend to some design meetings with her posh Atlanta based designer.  I was so bummed to only have less than 24 hours to catch up with JH but we had a great time talking design and other things!  She and her husband are redoing their home in South Carolina (it sounds quite stunning) but we only scratched the surface of all of the design details!  I’ve known JH for 11 years now…we met in Aspen years ago through our mutual friend FF (my best of friend).  JH and I are “co-god mothers” to our friend FF’s son (we think FF made us co-godmothers because she wasn’t sure if either of us could live up to the task (hee hee)…I had never heard of co-god mothers before…but it exists…we are living proof…LOL!) — so nice to be a co-god mother with such a dear friend!

All photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. I was going to say the same thing about auto paint as Barbara šŸ˜‰ Pricey for a little guy with handles you are not in love with, eh? But I agree lets see some more choices. Thanks for sharing!

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