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Living room with striped walls, a large white oval pendant light, a taupe sofa, a black accent table and a wall full of different sized picture frames

There something cheerful about this space. Not quite sure why I am drawn to this space but I am.

Could it be the light in the room? The high ceilings? Don’t know.

I wouldn’t mind visiting this room and sitting for awhile to have a cup of tea (or a glass of champagne if someone forced it on me).

I’m not a huge fan of bold stripes on walls…but for some reason the grey and white painted stripes work.

There doesn’t seem to be any one thing that is supremely special about this room…but it feels slightly special to me. Huh? Bizarre.

What does your design eye say about this space? What do you think of this living room? Does it have the same appeal for you?

Happy Monday!


Photo: Unknown

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  1. It’s not my style, but I agree, it does draw you in. There’s something very open about it, very welcoming. It imparts a coziness without actually looking cozy.

  2. Mmmmmm … not so much on the bold stripes! I guess I’m still feeling the 80’s burn! But I do love the room and I do love the soft gray paired with the dark wood accents and I do love all the rooms you feature!

  3. I think the stripes only work because they’re gray on white. Black on white is an 80s catastrophe and any other color might cue vertigo or insanity 🙂 The gray–or maybe a light brown or taupe– works to calm the nerves a bit

  4. This space is lovely. I think the neutral colors combined with the unique black accessories cause the room to feel very open, bright and cheerful. Thanks for sharing!

    -Forever Lovely

  5. It does draw you in.. the light from the windows, high ceilings (emphasized more with the vertical stripes), as well as the light colour furniture, walls, ceiling.. perfect for this small space.
    xoxo, B

  6. Stripes always make things feel orderly even when there is a lot going on. Yes I like the room and the black accents give it some punch.

  7. It isn’t a knockout room, like you said, but it is a comfortable room. Your first thought was to sit down with a drink… This room is definitely giving off a “warm welcome” vibe. I think the total un-designyness of it is what makes it so cozy. Plus, who isn’t drawn to a room with that much light? I give it a definite thumbs up. 🙂

  8. LOVING the Cycloid wallpaper. Am just about to do cover walls in a basement apartment that needs something punchy and contemporary. Let’s see if they ship to the UK!

  9. The hints of black give the room focus. There’s the black frames on the wall, the black coffee table, the black piping on the light. I think these small hints of black give the room punch. Without the black, the room would be bland and boring. Amber

  10. Where most bold striped walls act as a focal point, but since this furniture is so interesting, I feel like these striped walls are like a ‘lining’. Its like drawer or shelf lining that almost make you feel enveloped and comfortable.

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