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Where does a New York socialite and former p.r. maven go to raise a family?  Well in this case Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler and her husband Brian moved their 3 children and a few dogs to the very posh area of Locust Valley, NY – located about an hour outside of NYC on the North Shore of Long Island.  Locust Valley is known for breeding a well heeled set who at one point in history were known for their distinctive accent called – “Locust Valley Lock Jaw”.

I happened upon these photos on Vogue’s website of Emilia’s beautifully decorated 1912 built Colonial home with a gravel driveway.  (note…must have a house with a gravel drive at some point in my life).   It took 3 years to renovate the home into an elegant but livable family home. She worked with interior designer Frank de Biasi on the home.   Elegant timeless furnishings in a cool blue gray color palette.  I like.

Would you move to the suburbs to live here?

Pick your favorite image here and pin it to Pinterest.  I want to see what you like!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  Had a very nice dinner last night with TE at Madeo.  Such wonderful food and company!


  1. I love them all! And I live in the burbs and love it.Westchester. Manhattan is only a 30 minute train ride. I’ve been to Locust Valley before though and it is very lovely

  2. Madeo is delish, and I pinned the pups, of course. Sorry I have been commenting only on your P.S.s. heehee

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