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Louis daybed on a hardwood floor, a faux bamboo side table, red accent pillows and floor to ceiling floral wallpaper

I need a little lounge time this weekend. Don’t you?

Love this Louis daybed against a wonderfully floral wallpapered backdrop. So lovely…very girly…blissfully lounging…reclining and reposing at its best I think.

Am still on cloud 9 today…maybe even on cloud 10. As most of you know (only because I’ve made such a big deal about it), I was so excited yesterday to see that my design crush and style aficionado Mr. Jonathan Adler had mentioned COCOCOZY in the November issue of InStyle magazine! Hellooooo…! Hee hee. Go to the COCOCOZY FACEBOOK PAGE to see what Jonathan had to say. Thank you so much Jonathan!

I found out about the InStyle magazine mention when my friend JLF called me yesterday morning as I was driving to work…she said “Why am I looking at Cococozy being mentioned in InStyle by Jonathan Adler?” I screamed…screamed…screamed some more and then was like one of those ladies receiving an Oscar or an Emmy…I started to thank people…thanking JLF for calling, my mom, my sister, my father, grandparents, aunts, cousins, uncles, friends, neighbors, coworkers, COCOCOZY readers and of course Jonathan Adler…all of this thanking in a quivering voice and in between screams while driving in my car and just talking to JLF. Yes. I was randomly screaming and thanking all of the people in my life…making my own private Academy Awards speech…oh boy…have I gone nuts?

Oh, in the middle of screaming and thanking everyone while driving in my car talking on the phone to just one friend, I also started to give a speech on how I got started, and why this mention means so much, and advice I would give to others getting started…it embarrassingly goes on and on and on. Not cool and collected at all. Anyhooo…take a look at the mention and you decide? LOL!! A little mention clearly goes a long way with me! Thank you Jonathan Adler!!!!!!!

Anyhoooo….Happy happy Friday all!


P.S. Linda G. over at SheSez has a Chanel gift bag giveaway going on. She was invited to the Chanel show in Paris this year by her VIP friends and got a cute gift bag that she is giving away…has some fun Chanel tiny goodies. You should try to enter to win. Go to her site and find out details on how to enter!

Photo: Katie Fine


  1. Nice photo – elegant lounging. Do you have any information about the wallpaper? I really like it. I have ice blue settee and Oly Hanna Chairs in same colour, and this wallpaper might work.

    antonella, Toronto, Canada

  2. Are you kidding- I would have had an accident if someone I was talking to just happened to mention that my name was in Instyle and it was JA would said it-amazing!!! I’ve just been working on my blog for a few weeks and can appreciate how it can be hard to build up followers etc…to one day end up being known by the likes of Instyle and Adler, is incredible. Congratulations again and enjoy the cloud 10!!

  3. This lounge space is utterly divine. How exciting JA mentioning you in Instyle, or should I say congratulations. Enjoy your cloud 9 as well as your weekend.

  4. Wendy – thanks for the wallpaper reference to your blog. Along with Cococozy, I’d say your blog is a favourite. Love both blogs! It’s no wonder Jonathan Adler took note!!! Wendy, I assume you’re in Ontario because of your posts. Would like to subscribe to yours but difficult to do via google reader etc. I Will have to figure it out -technologically challenged.


  5. Recline on your laurels my dear. we all work hard in a strange virtual world. When your obsession connects, and a real conversation begins, that is what this whole thing is all about.

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