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Cassamidy metal canopy bed with plant detailing
Casamidy – Diego Canopy Bed – $4500 queen (above)

My Casamidy crush continues…

Way back when, I did a very very very very long COCOCOZY post on Casamidy.  Casamidy is a  Mexico based company owned by Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada.  These furniture designers have a wonderful trove of metal based furniture that I absolutely adore.

There is something so substantial yet airy about metal furniture.  I like a well designed metal piece…hence I like all things Casamidy.

Anyhooo…I was on Facebook (the place where everything in the world happens) and I saw that Casamidy had a few new pieces to chat about so I immediately (almost in a frenzy) emailed Jorge at Casamidy for photos an information. Lucky for me, he was happy to oblige.

So last night, I went to dinner at Fig & Olive with my good friend, event and wedding planner extraordinaire Yifat Oren of her eponymous firm Yifat Oren & Associates.  The big news is that Yifat just fiinished doing Reese Witherspoon’s wedding last month in Ojai!  Reese Witherspoon is my friend Yifat’s client?  Yes indeed.  So cool.  Am very proud of Yifat because first of all she knows how to be oh so discreet – none of her friends knew that she was hired to plan Reese’s wedding!  Secondly, from what I hear, the wedding was enchanting – exquisitely done in true Yifat Oren fashion!  So fantastic!

Needless to say, my dear Yifat Oren and I had tons to catch up on since we haven’t seen each other in a few months. We actually had to pull out a pad of paper and make a dinner discussion agenda. We got through all topics and many more by the way…tah dah! People always laugh at me and think I am strange (simultaneously) because I often like to write up a little agenda at the beginning of a catch up session with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. It is just so we don’t forget anything. Yifat, a woman after my own heart, did not laugh nor did she think I was strange (at least I don’t think she thought I was strange). Yifat literally pulled out a yellow notepad after I suggested an agenda and made the discussion list herself…LOVE HER.

There is a connection here to Casamidy and this furniture so stick with me. It was about 6 months ago, when I was at Yifat’s lovely Hollywood Hills home that she shares with her darling hubby and public relations guru Jonathan Cutler, that she re-introduced me to the world of Casamidy.  We spent a good hour, much to Jonny’s chagrin, ooohhhing and aahhing over all of the lovely finds on the Casamidy site…a definite girl bonding moment! So it is fitting that today I would do another Casamidy post!

Ixelles Sofa by Casamidy
Ixelles Sofa – $6000 in leather (98w x 30d x 41.5 16h seat) (above)

Almidi etagere by Casamidy
Almidi etagere – $1400 (Metal mesh, 1″ flat iron. 58.5h x 35.5 x 16d) (above)

Anyhoooo….Jorge and Anne-Marie of Casamidy have a Belgium apartment that is going to be featured in the May issue of Elle Decor!  Exciting.  Make sure to get a look at that!

And, this Thursday, Yifat is curating a bridal event on Gilt!  Fantastic!

What do you think of this metal furniture btw? Go over to the Casamidy site and let me know which pieces you love the most (I love the mirrors!)!

Happy Tuesday!



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