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All photos in this post by Coco of Cococozy
music performance at the MOCA Gala 2010
View of music performance at the MOCA Gala 2010 “The Artist’s Happening” from our table. Devendra Banhart, Beck and Gaetano Veloso all perform. (above)

Last night was fantastic. We went to the MOCA Gala again and this year it was a really fun night.

The headline here is TWO CLUELESS GIRLS HAVE A FAB EVE AT MOCA…sis DS and I were what you might call totally clueless throughout the night.

It started off when we arrived at the event. Someone from the museum who we know spotted us and said, “You guys will need to do the red carpet.” We said, “Okay” thinking that she meant we needed to go that way to get into the event. Well as it turns out…we were being escorted down the red carpet by a publicist who was introducing us to the press. Here is the hilarious part. We were so confused by this “happening” that we really didn’t know quite what do…nor did the press. The press photographers would yell out “Who are those young ladies” (questionable already) and the publicist would tell them and then they would take one photo or two. Meanwhile we arrived at the same time as a soap opera actress who the photogs were screaming at and taking hundreds of photos of her and her boyfriend…our situation was not at all the same. One photographer kind of looked at me and raised his camera as if to say, “I’ll take a photo of you guys”. Hee hee. Oh, the other part was we kept just bumping into each other because we were so confused. We got stuck on the red carpet in this kind of no-mans land of watching the soap actress get photographed and then an occasional photographer saying “who are they?” and then another taking a photo here and there for almost 5 minutes. Oh and then we were interviewed by some media outlet on camera. I think it was a pity interview. 🙂

After we escaped the red carpet (which was actually black), we headed into the party and the art exhibit. It was amazing. The media piece by artist Doug Aitken was phenomenal. We love the museum’s new director Jeffrey Deitch…he is awesome.

Anyhooo…onto clueless part #2…dinner. We arrived at our table and there were some nice people sitting there…a family…two guys and like 5 girls. I sat at the head of the table and my sister sat to my left, she was next to one of the guys. We introduced ourselves, they introduced themselves. It was a brother and his two sisters…they were there to watch one of the sister’s husband perform. So we continued to chat and chat and chat…and later found out (after we got home) that we were in fact sitting at the table with a bunch of actors (one of whom was in Avatar) and a very famous music star (the one performing). Needless to say…our table was fantastic and everyone was so friendly and fun. We ended up making a new fashionable friend too!

All my photos are totally blurry…here are just a few.

Musical tables
Musical tables were auctioned off during an amazing live auction performed by 6 rural farm auctioneers! (above)

Cocktail tent at the MOCA Gala
The cocktail party tent! (above)

Black Prada heels
Home sweet home after a hard day’s night! 🙂 (above)

Oh, I ended up wearing these old Prada shoes (they are suede and quite hot in person) and that old Narciso Rodriguez dress I mentioned (instead of buying a new outfit, I splurged on some Christian Louboutin boots yesterday…uh oh…). Sis was in all new in a silver ruched/pleated Dolce & Gabbana dress with simple Manolos and a fab Judith Leiber bag.

Anyhoooo…glitz and glam is over…back to normal…although we are going to a brunch at the Gagosian this morning…the final event for the Gala weekend.

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!



  1. I love this story! You and your sister most likely outshined those day-drama queens. Too cute. Those photogs are probably in their dark rooms today trying to figure out what caption to put under you two beautiful ladies.

  2. That red carpet story is too funny! I’ve had friends experience similar situations. It sounds overwhelming! Glad you had a great time.

    The Glam Lamb

    PS- yay! we are both LA girls!

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