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Coco of COCOCOZY's living room with white slip covered sofa, ottoman and armchair with brown trim and a COCOCOZY rug
My tiny living room with the COCOCOZY wool rug and a view out of the black front door (above)

I just added a COCOCOZY Fence Rug in Natural Linen into the mix at my house.  Today I’m sharing with you a glimpse inside my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills because I need your thoughts on the rug!

Added lots of flowers and the new rug because best of friend AM was visiting.  The rug was initially meant for my bedroom but I ended up leaving it in the living room.

I have a few COCOCOZY textiles in the form of a pillow and a cotton knit throw as accents.  I wonder if I need curtains…thinking…a very small space so I wonder if drapery would finish the space or make it look closed in and cluttered.

What do you think about the rug…are drapes necessary?  Hmmm…thinking.

TE saw the new rug this past weekend.  He liked it. So did AM…so did her little kiddies!

White hydrangeas on a wood side table in Coco of COCOCOZY's living room
More white hydrangea! (above)
Coco of COCOCOZY's living room with a natural fence rug
My living room! (above)
Vintage wood screen and a white side table with a crystal lamp and vintage bowls in Coco of COCOCOZY's living room
A vintage wood 1950s screen sits in a corner behind a side table with a crystal lamp and vintage bowls in gold and silver (above)
COCOCOZY Quatrefoil pillow on a white sofa with brown trim in Coco of COCOCOZY's living room
COCOCOZY Quatrefoil pillow in brown on my white sofa that I inherited from my sis DS! (above)

So what do you think of my new rug? Would you have gone with a darker rug for more contrast or does the lighter color work? Do tell.

Shop the full COCOCOZY Rug Collection by clicking here!  You can also shop for COCOCOZY pillows, throws and more on the COCOCOZY Online Store.

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Hope you had a nice weekend.

Photos: Coco of COCOCOZY


  1. I like the lighter color of the rug, but I would perhaps choose to mix patterns a little bit – your rug, coffee table and pillow all have a very similar pattern. I would opt for contrast in patterns vs. color (darker rug). And I like the room without drapes 🙂 Beautiful space!

  2. I do like it but a darker rug would ground the white furniture and really highlight the beautiful woods in your screen, door and arched cupboard. Maybe darker for fall and winter for the cozy effect and lighter for spring and summer.

  3. Your little cottage is wonderful. It is so fun to get a peek inside. The rug is beautiful, but I’m wondering if another color would create a better pop. Do any of your collections have the turquoise color of your art? I know many people feel that art is entirely it’s own thing, but what if you accented with some of the turquoise? Just thinking out loud…

    As far as drapery goes, if you don’t have any sun issues or privacy issues then leaving your window undressed seems like a great solution in your case.

    Always love reading your blog.

  4. Oh I love your living room, it is perfect, the rug is just right! It really does make the coffee table stand out as well. Don’t change a thing! So glad to get a peek inside your tiny little Hollywood Hills home, just as I thought it would be, BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Cindy! Great idea… at your suggestion, I may add a bit of turquoise into the mix. We made some turquoise throws…I’ll see if there are any still in stock! Thank you again!

  5. Am agnostic (aka “undecided”) on rug choice, but definitely no on drapes. Let the light in and it makes the cozy space seem just right – not closed in. I would like to see a few more pillows on the sofa. Overall, lovely space!

  6. I love your cottage! It’s so tastefully done and so beautiful. I like the rug very much, but I would be curious to see how a darker rug looked. As far as curtains/drapes – you certainly don’t need them, but a simple linen curtain could look really nice.

  7. Love the rug. But I must ask about the Turquoise wall art. It is just beautiful. I have been searching for something similar and have come to the conclusion that I must just have it commissioned. Any insight would be great.

  8. Love the cottage and crisp contrasts. I would stay with the neutral or even a turquoise rug for summer, and switch to a good orange for winter. The orange could also be picked up in a couple of accent pillows. I love windows I draped when they cannot be viewed from the street or neighbors. A combination of drapery panels with matchstick blinds keeps your cottage look while not being heavy looking.

    • My mother hasn’t seen it in person yet and she had the same comment! it is a 7’x9′. I could try a size larger…if I do I’ll try a different color and design just for the fun of it. I could put this one in my bedroom potentially still. Thank you for for the comment and advice!

  9. I am just a little behind you with updates to my living room and dining room. I chose a hickory floor in medium brown called buckskin. I am in the same boat as you with having to pick new area rugs. It is nerve racking. The point to my story is that I thought about going more neutral with the rug in my dining room, but ended up with a rug that has a rich red background. When I looked at it, I thought it has way too much color, but now I love it. When I look at your charming room I wonder how a soft lemon color rug with a slightly floral pattern would look.

  10. I’m wanting to see something more colorful. What about those blues and greens you have? Seafoam, anyone…? Flowers?

  11. Your cottage is darling. But I also think the rug is too small. I think a darker rug with a different pattern would look great. Simple white drapery would be lovely.

  12. Your room is perfect just as it is. A rug is generally supposed to hit just under the front legs of the furniture so it’s size is just right. I love the neutral color, it feels right because the room is serene and beautiful.

  13. Love it as is! No to curtains… light flowing in is energizing! Darker rug would be too heavy… neutral echoes the floor color without being an exact match! I, like others, TOTALLY love the turquoise artwork and would love to know where to find something like it 😉

  14. I think the rug is stunning, but I think I would have liked to have seen something more graphic and bold a bit of contrast to really ground everything! I like the idea of curtains as well, especially if you decide to keep the rug, then I would go punchy with the curtains.

  15. I really like the color (good contrast with coffee table) and pattern of the rug in your room, but the room would look “cozier” with a larger run. This one is really too small for the area. Some panels on the windows would definitely add to a warmer feel and soften your area. So YES to rug, but larger and YES to curtains!

  16. The room looks great! Definitely NO curtains. For me the rug was a bit too small for the scale of the room. Liked the pattern and the color of it though. The turquoise wall art is awesome! Consider maybe adding a turquoise ceramic planter or some small scale decorative item somewhere in the room. I just painted a pair of chairs bright turquoise (much to the horror of my family) and love how it injects a pop of color on my brown-green dominated deck.

  17. LOVE the space! I agree with others in that I just want the rug to be bigger! Another solution (since you already have the rug) is to put a seagrass rug that is much bigger to bring the whole space together with your rug on top. You have a great home!!!!

  18. Everything about the room looks fabulous! Are the slipcovers custom? I would love to know where you got them! They’re fantastic.

  19. The rug is lovely but the pattern is too matchy with the pillows and screen and iron work design motif in the table. I would have gone for something in a vertical stripe incorporating colours of white or cream, dark brown with hints of the blue and green hues you have dotted around the cottage. Beautiful space! If there are no privacy issues I would not add draperies but if there are then keep them neutral, maybe a soft linen drape in the same colour as the wall tied onto a metal rod so that they can easily be pulled back out of the way.

  20. LOVE your sense of style…I think the wall art in your living room would be a great DIY project, is ther a way to see the original image with some closeups?? Thanks

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