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All photos in this post by Coco of Cococozy

redecorated deck in the Hollywood Hills
My newly redecorated deck at my small cottage in the Hollywood Hills! (above and below)

Thank you so so so much for all of your sweet comments on my deck makeover post with all of the before & after photos! It was so nice hearing from you.

So many of you had so many questions about where I got everything for my speedy makeover (that took only 5 days)…that I decided to do a post on all of my design resources.

To be honest, the makeover was not cheap…mostly spent a lot on the upholstery work – my upholsterer charged me an arm and a leg because the job was so rushed – and on very pricey outdoor weather resistant Sunbrella fabric for custom pillows and cushions.

I did not have to buy any furniture though. I already owned all of my teak furniture (invested in quality Brown & Jordan furniture), small wood pieces (coffee table, side tables and folding chairs), ceramic pots of all size (large/important to small and cute)and some copper planters that you cannot see in photos. I’ve had all of the furniture for about 8 years or so.

Outdoor deck with refurbished and painted furniture and brightly colored accessories
My hillside outdoor living room and dining area features refurbished and painted existing furniture along with loads of new accessories and custom upholstery. (above)

Ready to find out where I got everything….well here goes!



Cane pattern rug from Turf
Cane pattern acrylic rug: Turf, Los Angeles – $365 for 5’x8′ (ask for Eric or Shawn)(above)

Most readers asked about the rug. This new store named Turf here in Los Angeles has a great collection of outdoor rugs that are acrylic. I was their first customer two weekends ago! I spotted the store at the end of my first deck decorate day…I was frenzied…I saw the outdoor furniture in their window…pulled a u-turn (perhaps illegal) and dashed into the store. It turns out, Eric and Shawn had just opened this patio and outdoor furniture store on La Cienega that day…! Lucky for me (coincidentally they have an adorable store dog named “Lucky” if you can believe)! Their outdoor rugs are awesome…and this rug made my deck!


Close up of striped pillow

Close up of turquoise pillow with white trim

Two natural linen foliage printed pillows
Throw Pillow Outdoor Fabric: F&S Fabrics Home, Los Angeles – Green/white/brown stripe and solid blue Sunbrella fabric approx. $20/yd; Natural linen foliage print on small pillows and table runner approx. $29/yd (above)

I spent way too much money on having all pillows custom made in outdoor weather resistant Sunbrella fabric. This was definitely an investment. The fabric looks great but did cost me an arm and a leg!


Teak armchair with off white sunbrella cushions
Off white Sunbrella outdoor fabric for lounge furniture cushions: Michael Levine, Downtown Los Angeles – $36/yd (saw same fabric in other retail stores for $48/yd)(above)

“Before”, my cushions were a tan/light brown color (see previous post for before photos). I wanted to brighten things up with a stunning true white outdoor fabric. I went to Michael Levine downtown, a discount fabric retailer, and found this sturdy thick Sunbrella (the most expensive they had)…I bought almost 20 yards (way too much for what I needed but at the upholsterers request) and then brought it to my upholsterer. When I went back to my upholsterer the next day with accent fabrics, I realized the fabric I actually bought was off-white not bright white as I had thought. Oh well, the off-white worked out well so I am not complaining…but so much for being a discerning and attentive shopper!

For all of the fabric and the upholsterer’s work I paid about $1600! Yikes. If I hadn’t been in such a rush, I could have negotiated better on the upholsterer’s almost $1000 labor charge for making all the custom pillows, table runner and reupholstering furniture cushions (20 pieces in total)! Note to self…no rush upholstery jobs.

Oh, I did get the solid green dining chair cushions and chaise lounge cushion at Crate & Barrel and then I had my upholsterer customize by adding white ties (he did that for free if you can believe).


Shiny brown hexagon lacquer tray on white ottoman with two white Moroccan lanterns
Shiny brown lacquer tray on ottoman: Jonathan Adler, Melrose Ave. store Los Angeles – Lacquer Hexagon Tray – $175 (above)

Outdoor deck with bright blue coffee table and lime green tray
Green tray on blue coffee table: Crate & Barrel – Green Bamboo Tray – $39.95 (above)


White wood lantern on an outdoor dining table
Two white wood lanterns on dining table: Pottery Barn – Bristol LanternI got on sale in the Beverly Hills store for $22.99 each (above)

Two white metal Moroccan style lanterns on brown tray
Two white metal Moroccan style lanterns on brown tray on ottoman: ZGallerie – Casablanca Lantern -$7.99/ea (above)

Metal lantern hanging under umbrella
Two metal lanterns hanging under umbrella: Pottery Barn – Rosalee Lanternon sale $4.99/each (above)

White hurricane lantern on wicker side table
White hurricane lantern on wicker side table: William Sonoma Home – I got this ages ago but I saw one of these just last week in the West Hollywood store. (above)


Sand color 9' market umbrella and metal umbrella stand
Sand color 9′ market umbrella and metal umbrella stand: Pottery Barnon sale $119 and $95 respectively (above)

Because one of my neighbors cut down all of my trees that shaded the deck, I had to buy a second umbrella for the gravel and flagstone paved patio area and move the old umbrella back onto the deck – TMI (too much information) I know. The tree she had massacred is on the other side of the white fence closest to the deck but it is on my side of the property line…grrr…. It was my tree!

To add insult to injury, my neighbor paid my gardener to cut down the tree and he did it! And lastly, I guess she didn’t tell him exactly what she wanted so there is a big tree stump now overlooking my deck…oy va voy. Well the umbrellas create some camouflage!


Semco Teak Sealer
Teak Furniture Refinishing Supplies: Victory Furniture, Los Angeles – Semco Teak Sealer – $79/gallon (above)

I had been using teak oil on my furniture all of the years I’ve had…it leaves the furniture a rich brown tropical wood looking color. The problem with teak oil is that it is a little sticky and ends up collecting lots of dust and dirt and then fades pretty quickly. I’ve been told that this teak sealer is great on the wood. I had my handy guy clean, scrape and sand all of the teak oil off of the furniture and refinish with the teak sealer. I like the color…now we’ll see how it weathers. For some reason, for this area, I do not want the the teak to weather to a natural grey…I feel like grey teak belongs near water (beach or pool) or in a great garden. This look is perfect for my rustic setting although upkeep does require the handy guy to work on all of the furniture about once or twice a year.


Cans of Behr Paint in Tropical Waters and White
Dark turquoise blue paint used on wood folding chair and flea market coffee table: Home Depot – Behr Paint – Tropical Waters (blue high gloss) and White (high gloss) (above)


Green ceramic garden stool and a silver lantern on an outdoor deck
Green Ceramic Garden Stool: Jackalope Pottery, North Hollywood – $89.99
Silver Lantern: Z Gallerie – don’t see this exact one on their website anymore but there are many others! (above)


Teak lounge area furniture
Teak lounge area furniture: Brown & Jordan – Canyon Collection (above)

Teak dining set
Found this teak dining set and the chaise lounge years ago at a warehouse sale in El Segundo I think. It was dirt cheap and I snapped it up without even thinking. Sorry no information on where to get this now.(above)

Wood folding chairs painted bright blue
Wood folding chairs – cheap folding chairs I picked up at World Market or Pier One or something years ago when I was having people over. I painted them this fabulous “Tropical Waters” blue for this makeover.(above)


So all of those elements…created this deck…tah dah…..

COCOCOZY's deck makeover

Close up of flowers on an outdoor patio

Hope this information is helpful!

Please comment and let me know what you think and also about any great outdoor finds you may have found!


P.S. Am exhausted…I think this is the fastest decor makeover I’ve ever done AND the longest post I’ve ever done. Help. 🙂

P.P.S. If you are not following me on Facebook already…please join…go to the COCOCOZY FACEBOOK PAGE and just hit “like” at the top of the page -then you’ll be following. I post exclusive fun reader submissions and extra photos there…also, as soon as we reach 2000 fans on Facebook, there will be another linen pillow giveaway for Facebook fans only! If you are already following on Facebook, go to the page please and click on “Suggest to Friends” link under my page profile picture…and suggest away to your friends!

All photos in this post by Coco of Cococozy

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  1. Fantastic list! I love your makeover so much! The cost of the fabric is well worth it — just watch those cushions pop!
    I’ve been wanting to do some cushions for a fab rattan (not wicker)dining set that I found for my deck. So glad to get the fabric recommendation from you!

  2. I am so happy to have found your blog because I am in the process of doing my own little patio makeover. I think the key element in your makeover is your choice of colors. They are divine and so appropriate! I love the rug you chose, too. I am painting a canvas floor cloth for mine.

    Best wishes,

  3. Amazing results, you did an incredible job. Custom cushions are expensive rush job or not, you made some great fabric choices. Everything flows so well, so zen and peaceful looking. Do you have any water features on your patio? Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading where you got your finds!

  4. From a fellow designer, I must say a big congrats to you on doing an amazing job!!! Thanks for being so open and sharing your resources too. I really enjoy your blog!

  5. It looks wonderful! So much more light and happy. You did an amazing job. I love that combination of lime green and aqua. I will have to remember that one! =)

  6. Who makes your pillow? Im in LA and just starting to re-do my patio also. I just ordered an outdoor rug and sooo can’t wait for it to arrive!

  7. I’ve fallen hard and deep in love with your patio! It’s just fabulous! I love every single thing! So happy you shared this on Cindy’s show and tell!

  8. Beautiful! And what a jerk your neighbor is! You know, legally, she owes you for the cost of the tree (and mature trees are EXPENSIVE, as I am sure you know). If I were you, I would ask her to replace it.

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