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I am torn…I love a glass front door…specifically these steel framed doors…they let in light and bring character into a space from the moment you walk in.  I am torn though as to whether I would want a glass front door.  Have been considering this lately.  You lose privacy…gain light…is safety an issue?…or is style important too?

What do you think?

Happy Thursday!


Photo: RSA; One Kind Design


  1. I love them, but think it may be a bit like being a Hamster, to visible. I guess it really depends on how the door faces and what kind of foyer it leads into. I think for me, obscure transom windows for a front door.

  2. So beautiful! We actually just replaced our 1980s double doors with a new door. I so wanted to get the glass and steel! But my husband was concerned about privacy and safety. We ended up getting an extra-wide white oak door with horizontal planks, with a tall window. I really love all the light, but if a solicitor rings the doorbell, I have to hide! But my neighbor is going to get a steel door and hang a curtain rod on the inside for when she wants privacy.

  3. I love my glass front door! There is a small short foyer so the privacy is not an issue. It opens up what was a dark small space & really gives a wow welcome!

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