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Six COCOCOZY pillows in different colors and patterns on a white sofa
Introducing the COCOCOZY Natural Linen Pillow Cover Collection! (above)

I think I had spoken about the COCOCOZY Natural Linen Pillow Covers to you awhile back but never really announced it fully.  So I am happy and pleased to announce the introduction of my new natural organic linen pillow cover collection in a calming neutral palette of whites, soft sea colors and tone on tone naturals!

The vibe of these natural linen pillow covers is relaxed and soothing.  They are all one size – 24″x24″. 95/5 feather down inserts are sold separately.

So first there was the luxe elegant COCOCOZY Classic Linen Pillow Collection, then came the fun playful COCOCOZY Cotton Pillow Collection, and now the naturally neutral COCOCOZY Natural Linen Pillow Cover collection!  All designed by me and custom made to order with care here in the United States!

COCOCOZY home furnishings has now been around now since January 31, 2011 (about one year and three months)…and it’s been so much fun designing and building the foundation for the collection.  Some great things are to come towards the end of this year for COCOCOZY (must keep it under wraps now but will be able to blab soon) but the pillow collection will always be the heart and soul of the brand.

Take a look at what’s new!

COCOCOZY Logo Natural Linen Pillow Cover
COCOCOZY Logo Natural Linen Pillow Cover – $148 (White. 24″x24″ natural linen pillow cover. 95/5 feather down inserts sold separately)

COCOCOZY Quatrefoil Natural Linen Pillow Cove
Quatrefoil Natural Linen Pillow Cover – $148 (White. 24″x24″ natural linen pillow cover. 95/5 feather down inserts sold separately)

COCOCOZY Oxford Natural Linen Pillow Covers
Oxford Natural Linen Pillow Covers – $148 each (Comes in white, sea green or sea foam. 24″x24″ natural linen pillow cover. 95/5 feather down inserts sold separately)

COCOCOZY Tower Court Natural Linen Pillow Cover
Tower Court Natural Linen Pillow Cover – $148 (White. 24″x24″ natural linen pillow cover. 95/5 feather down inserts sold separately)

COCOCOZY Pillow on a white armchair with a cable knit throw and a wooden side table

So what do you think of these new pillow covers? Do you like or dislike? Be honest…it is okay…I love hearing your opinions either way.  Do you prefer color or neutral decorative pillows? Do tell!

The cool thing is that the collection is already in many COCOCOZY retailers nationwide including in: Gracious Home in New York,  Lillian August in Connecticut and Mary Cates and Co in Dallas to name just a few!

If you should decide you must have a little natural COCOCOZY, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as these were so popular at the trade shows back in January and February with our retail stores that we have to make a whole new run!

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  Have been so busy, I haven’t even had time to decorate my house fully with COCOCOZY accents.  Think I will do the classic linen collection in my living room, the cotton collection in my little tiny den and the natural linen pillow covers in my bedroom!  I like the Oxford Natural Linen Cover in white and of course the COCOCOZY Logo!

P.P.S.  My very very good guy friend AB called me yesterday at work. AB is a successful television commercial director.  Apparently, he was on the set of a shoot in Chicago last week, and his set designer was showing him the pillows she wanted to use for their shoot and she pulled up the COCOCOZY shop site to show him the pillows he liked.  AB was floored that some person he didn’t know was referencing COCOCOZY as the look she wanted for a the scene they were shooting!  Small world!

P.P.P.S.  Have been helping good friends SN and BN with some pillows for their living room…SN sent me a fabulous photo yesterday and the pillows look so good.  Their house is gorgeous and I want to figure out a way for them to get it published in a print magazine.  SN decorated the house herself.  She has impeccable taste so it has come out beautifully…maybe some day I’ll be able to share a bit of it on COCOCOZY too! 🙂

P.P.P.P.S.  Am going to good friend AZ’s wedding in a few weeks.  It is in Mexico.  I still haven’t bought my ticket.  Oy va voy.  Must buy ticket today.  Must also do sit ups so can wear cute bathing suit in Mexico.  Oy va voy again.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Came home last night to find that my gardener finally planted my spring Impatiens in my flower beds!  They look so lovely.  It made me so happy to see the cheerful new flowers in white and dark purple.  Oh, as I am writing this post this morning, I just looked out of the window noticed aforementioned gardener missed the area under my climbing roses and in front of my little Japanese Maple.  There are no bright cheerful flowers there.  Hmmm…will have to call him again.  Back to the drawing board.  This leads me to my theory on dreaming big…our parents told us to dream big when we were younger, they should have just told us to learn how to do errands properly…no one told me that life would be about dreams in theory but in reality would be about doing an errand or getting something done and then finding out it isn’t quite done yet or that another errand has popped up.  Hmmm…

P.P.P.P.P.P.S.  Note to self, must also keep Mr. Boo (the sneaky little dog) from digging up all of the flowers now too.

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S.  Thanks to fab photographer Hugh Hamilton for taking these fantastic photos of the COCOCOZY collection by the way.  Hugh is the nicest (Aussie) guy ever and his wife Isabel is just lovely!


  1. I’m so in love with the new styles, I want to marry them. But alas, I’m marrying someone else, and you need to book your travel! Oy va voy is right. xx

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