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Swedish 3 Drawer Chest by Tara Shaw Maison with a large sea shell, flower arragement and lion portrait
Photo by Coco of COCOCOZY

So when I was in Atlanta  showing the COCOCOZY Textiles collection and I had a moment to run around, I saw this cute little dresser from furniture designer Tara Shaw.

Turns out in the month of July I had unwittingly run into Tara Shaw creations twice.  Once at the House of Windsor show house in Los Angeles – it turns out Tara had designed a bathroom in the show house that I had featured; the second time being in Atlanta when I wandered by the Tara Shaw booth.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tara in the booth and she personally pointed me in the direction of this dresser.  I was being polite at first just looking because she asked…but when I saw this little piece I thought, “Wow, this IS quite marvelous”.  I took a million pictures of it.  It stuck with me.

(Aside note:  I think I spent most of the time chatting to Tara and telling her how I was not a “blogger” but that I had a textiles collection and I had another job as an executive in Hollywood.  It is silly but for some reason, after 3 years of blogging, of all things I still have a whole thing about being a called a “blogger”…I think it is because when I started, my friends would introduce to me to their friends when we were at parties and they would say “and she has a blog” and back then people would look at me like I had a third eye or with a “oh how pathetic, she sits on her computer and writes about stuff…oh how sad” look.  I know times have changed but I still find myself caveatting the whole blogger thing…still avoiding the “blogger” title…need to stop and just own it.  I am blogger…I think…no…let me try again…I am blogger…kind of but I do a lot of other stuff too…okay…last attempt…I am a blogger…oh…oh…okay…stop…there…I did it).

Anyhoooo…back to this piece of furniture. The Swedish pine chest has a distressed pale white finish – it was inspired by a18th century piece that was modified to use as a bedside table. It is new to the market and quite adorable.  I can imagine it as a bedside table, or in a foyer, or in a little nook in a main living space.  Great looking, great for storage, overall great piece of furniture I think!

Swedish 3 Drawer Chest by Tara Shaw Maison
Tara Shaw Maison – Swedish 3 Drawer Chest – $2245 ( 32 3/4″h x 34 3/4″w x 21 1/2″d)(above)

What do you think of this NEW TO MARKET piece? Where might you put it in your home.

Tara, thank you for sharing this!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. If you have a design that is new and are showing at the New York International Gift Fair or its just new…please send me images and information and I’ll see if I can feature on COCOCOZY in this new segment called NEW TO MARKET!  You can email me at [email protected]!

P.P.S. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Am crazed with last minute preparations for the New York International Gift Fair. Am happy with new cotton pillows and can’t wait to show you!


  1. I think it’s way to expensive. Actually it’s probably because we have a lot of these around here….in flee markets and at ridiculous price ! You can have a plane ticket for Montreal, get an original antique one and still save ;0)

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