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So…I cried at the Delta check in desk this morning at 5:30a. I wept. Really I cried crocodile tears. It was my second time at Los Angeles Intl Airport in a 6 hour time frame and it was the second time someone told me I couldn’t get to New York even though I had bought my ticket months ago…but mother nature was not on any one’s side who had planned travel east yesterday…and even though I realized it was all beyond my control, the airline’s control…I cried.

After months and months of rising at 5-6a and going to sleep at 2a in an effort to launch a home furnishings collection in NYC, my exhaustion just hit me at the Delta counter. I think out of shock that a girl was actually weeping at the counter, the nice baggage guy said he would pray for me. I felt bad then…I so appreciated the prayer but that put a few things in perspective. I am not curing cancer or saving lives, I’m just trying to achieve a personal goal I set for myself.

My booth at the New York International Gift Fair is being built today…and I wanted to be there to make sure everything looked okay. I am not there. I’m on a plane. I had everything planned and the plans just flew out the door (oh, I was just trying to get some Advil out of my purse, it fell over and all the contents fell out including my blackberry which is now in under-the-seat-airplane-no-mans-land…anyhoooooooo). There is a lesson somewhere in this. I know there is.

Tears and delayed flights aside, I am so excited to be going to NYC! I love New York as cliche as it may sound. I am staying with best of friend Anne and her hubby John and their kiddies. My best of friend Alyssa is flying in from London to give me hand…along with new friend Candice who is coming in from L.A. to work the fair with me. Best of friend Nicole is coming in to see me at the fair and I’ll see JH, DH, A.Ro and a whole slew of others.

So while I have been tremendously unlucky today (the guy on the plane next to me has a terrible cold and just sneezed in the vicinity of my orange juice), I know I am very lucky to have the good fortune of loving family, friends, my health and a general curiosity and drive that have brought me here…on my way to New York to try with all my heart and energy to break out of my norm in a big way! We’ll see what happens. To be continued for sure…


P.S. Uh…next post will be about decor…don’t worry!

P.P.S. Thank you Abby for the nice Apartment Therapy post yesterday!

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  1. YAY, you go, Cococozy!! I wish I could be there next to you instead of the sneezer. Have an amazing time at the show, and be sure to keep us updated. Hugs and great vibes for the rest of the trip! (I have cried several times at the airport out of frustration–it’s about time someone invents teleportation because modern travel is anything but.)xo

  2. Just breathe, deeply and often. (But you might want to wait until you are in actual fresh air, not airplane air.) These are just minor obstacles that you have to step over to get to the finish line! Your furniture line is going to rock the show!

  3. Coco,

    Just found your site and store (thank you Apartment Therapy!). Congrats on the launch of your home furnishings collection! I really like the designs.

    I can appreciate and sympathize for what you must be feeling inside. A friend and I are currently working on our own line of home accessories and we’re very familiar with the late night/early morning ritual. Though it’s such a great experience, it’s enough to suck the life right out of you!

    Hang in there and relish in your accomplishments. Good luck at NYGIF!

  4. think of all the inspiration in one place, that’s the best, like-minded people who are driven in their business. My drive button, lately, has almost been in snooze, but I’m fixing that pronto!

    Have a bunch of fun…

  5. Aren’t you glad you are going to have such great stories to tell about this adventure in a few years! Stuff like this is made for wowing your conversation participants with bad luck stories 🙂

  6. Coco, perhaps this bad beginning of your grand debut is something like ‘bad rehearsal, good show.’ Get there and knock their socks off!

  7. Congrats!
    All will be well. I know it’s so hard to travel in such horrible weather.
    What is your booth number? I will be there Monday and I want to come meet you IRL!

  8. U poor thing. I hate flight delays and cancellations. But oh my goodness you are accomplishing a goal, which is so cool. Enjoy every step of the way, flight delays and all.

  9. Oh dear. My heart went out to you when I read this. I have been there… literally. Maybe on less grand of a scale… but, this past summer I stood crying in a pencil skirt and heels in the middle of Denver International Airport- ironically on my way to LAX. I was headed for an interview with arguably the #1 Hotel/resort design firm in the nation *ahem. I had been dying to move back home to California for two years… and In this economy there was just no way without job. I waited two years and then I missed my flight. I cried like a nine year old. Sometimes these are just the last minute reminders we need to release our ‘control’ and realise we are being taken care of and lead by something a little bigger. 🙂 You’re okay, and you’ll be taken care of. Warmest thoughts and wishes, best of luck ***

    PS. I DID get that design job and now I live in santa monica…. 🙂

    xo Jessica Rae
    {lovely ugly design}

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