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Black and white hand painted floral brocade wallpaper by Madeline Weinrib
Madeline Weinrib – Allemande Wallpaper – $650 per set (Each set contains two rolls that are each 27″w x 180″l (10 yds total in a set). Black and white hand painted floral brocade design)(above)

She is known for her line of high end rugs, furniture, pillows and textiles…now the grand daughter of the famed ABC Carpet & Home founder Max Weinrib has her own wallpaper design. This is Madeline Weinrib’s first wallpaper – it is called Allemande. It is handpainted and inspired by French brocade patterns.

Could possibly work well in a bedroom or hallway or bath or on a feature wall. A neutral brocade design of sorts. Lauren from Madeline Weinrib is sending me a photo of it once it is up in the store…can’t wait to see!

What do you think of this new Madeline Weinrib wallpaper design?


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  1. Wonderful… but seriously is it worth it to spend 650$ for ONE roll of wallpaper that will one day end up in the garbage can.

  2. I think it’s lovely, but I imagine spending that money for the beautiful hand-painted design, putting it in just the right place, then turning your back for a moment, only to find your grandchildren have decided to take the crayons to it. Even if they stayed neatly within the lines, wouldn’t one be horrified!!

  3. This is certainly for the discriminating client. I don’t have many who would insist on this paper when there are so many other brocades in the market place at more reasonable pricing. I’m sure it’s beautiful, and I’d love the client who would want it!

  4. Love this paper but the price is a bit out of reach for most. It is truly gorgeous but $600 for a double roll measuring 5yds is a bit much. I think it is a good study and then maybe try to duplicate it for a more affordable price point.

  5. So, I called Madeline Weinrib’s office actually sold in a set of 2 rolls, 10 yards in total…which, if you think about it, is $65/yard. Well worth the price if you ask me. Madeline Weinrib’s aesthetic and designs are amazing!

  6. I LOVE this print! I think the idea of framing it as an art piece is a great idea – especially since I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe when it comes to design!

  7. Strong statement stuff, best framed as art, I agree..then the price falls in line with original art. It would be gorgeous in panels, I think it needs the white or black lacquer framing to finish it..

    thanks for showing this!



  8. I think we should look beyond the $ and think of ways of stretching it. Instead of thinking a whole room-break it down, imagine panels in a dining room, the ceiling of a powder room. Imagine if you don’t have a headboard-using this with some molding!Re-fresh a glass cabinet and put this as the back of it. This is just a few ideas and see it really isn’t as expensive as some of you have said.

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