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White bedroom with light wood floor, black nightstand with a metal desk lamp, blue accent pillows on the bed and a light bulb chandelier

Oh what I wouldn’t do for a morning to sleep in. A warm bed with a big duvet cover surrounding me…waking up…slowly…deciding whether to sleep some more or whether to start the day…two options…hmmm…what should I do…doze back to sleep?

Cut to reality…one blackberry alarm goes off at 5am. I always sleep through that one. A second blackberry alarm goes off at 5:45a and I usually sleep through that one too…but am totally agitated because I know I have to get up and blog, or do something for the COCOCOZY collection before work. And then, on my own accord, I wake up anywhere from 6:15a-7:10a completely out of breath and panicked.

When I complained about a lack of sleep to my good friend Amie Robinson last year when all of this stuff about me launching a home furnishing collection began…she said “Well…you never really hear about people who are starting a business getting a lot of sleep. And successful people never talk about all of the extra nap time they have” When I thought about it…I realized she was right…

So now I just dream (while awake) about a lovely bedroom to spend hours and hours sleeping…any of these would do!

I like the pristine white bedroom above with the cluster light fixture, I love the rustic bedroom with the canopy bed and exposed wood, and I think the last light blue bedroom with the pretty romantic wallpaper is just dreamy.

Bedroom with painted black visible beams, black and white striped walls, a canopy bed, a reclaimed wood bench with woven seats is at the foot of the bed and a carpeted floor

Bedroom with floor to ceiling blue toile wallpaper, windows, a white nightstand, upholstered headboard and an oval pendant light

Which bedroom do you like best? Where would you most like to wake up?

Busy weekend ahead for me…dinner tonight at the Soho House, another photo shoot tomorrow morning, a facial (I have to relax a little…give me a break), the flea market on Sunday with CS and a million other things to do in between. The truck is coming to take my 100 pillow inserts, drapery, throws and some other stuff to New York today! Woooohoooo…here we go.

Happy Friday!


Photos: Alvhem; Jeff Herr; Mabley Handler

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  1. First photo, easy choice! Probably because I just bought an old chandelier, spray painted it silver and will soon be adding crystals, all for the purpose of my bedroom. This photo makes me feel like it’s not such a bad idea. šŸ™‚

  2. All are beautiful and beckoning in their own way, but I like the first far more because it has a warmth to it the other two lack (for me).

  3. Each of the first two have such a relaxed quality about them…but I’m going with the rustic #2. I wouldn’t have any guilt at all just frumping around in the downy softness I KNOW is just waiting for me there.

  4. #1. Love the simplicity and informality. The light is exquisite and so is the assemblage of art over the bed.

  5. #1 is #1 with me, most definitely! Doesn’t matter how sophisticated, modern or glamorous design trends get, I always gravitate to this simple white boho look. Absolutely timeless…

  6. I am commenting from my bed. I love my bedroom. You can see it on the slide show of our store site. With 4 French doors, I feel like I’m sitting outside, and I can’t wait for my camelia japonica’s to bloom. Call me lazy, but my fingers and mind are busy!! Its Saturday, hooray and I wish you great luck at market.

  7. the first bedroom is warm, inviting and obtainable for anyone to replicate. in fact, i’ve been thinking for a while that i should do something similar over my bed. i don’t have a headboard and a grouping of photos would be a great focal point.

    and of course, congratulations on the launch of your collection! hard work and determination always pay off. but i’m with you on always needing more sleep. in fact, i’m supposed to be napping right now and instead i’m catching up on my blogs. : )

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